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When to Kiss a Girl (Don’t Make This Common Mistake)

I was out at “Ladies Night” at a club in Medellin last Thursday… As I was having a drink, I saw one of my friends feverishly making out with a girl. This dude was going at it. Sucking face like you read about. I laughed to myself, as I remembered... read more

How to Tease Women the Right Way

If you aren’t teasing girls the right way, you’re probably missing out on A LOT of opportunities. What’s worse, when you tease her the wrong way, you risk: Offending her Making her feel insecure Hurting her And overall causing her to dislike you... read more

How to Have a Sexy Vibe Around Women

A coaching client of mine recently complained that women don’t see him in a very “sexual” way. They see him either as a friend, or as the “provider” type that could make a good potential boyfriend in the future, but not as the “fun, sexy... read more