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Conversation Cheat Sheet

You’ve worked up the guts to approach a girl.

But after the initial “Hello”, the conversation is starting to fade…

Or worse, you’re communicating on a “just friends” level…

You can’t connect with her the way you want to, and you don’t know how to turn things “sexual”…

You ask yourself, “Why do I keep running out of things to say? Why can’t I communicate on a sexual level?” But what if you could capture her attention from the very beginning, and start a conversation that leads to a date (or sex)…

…almost every time?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this FREE Cheat Sheet.


  • 2 questions that make her open up to you
  • A conversation mistake that instantly turns her off
  • How to command her attention from the first word
  • A simple way to tease her (she’ll love you for it)
  • And much, much more.