10 Orgasmic Sex Positions to Drive Her Wild

Hey man,

Thanks again for picking up The Hook Up Handbook! Here are all the sex position illustrations from the book!

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Now, for the sex position illustrations and instructions:

1. Missionary with Full Contact

Skin-to-skin contact: Maximized 

Energy used: Medium

This isn’t your traditional “awkward sex on prom night” missionary position. You know, the one with your arms on either side of the girl, hoisting yourself up above her while you pump in and out.

No, this is the evolved (and much more pleasurable) version.

This is one of the best (if not the best) position to start with. It’s simple, allows you to get a good rhythm going, and doesn’t expend too much of your energy too quickly. It also allows you to control the pace so you don’t overstimulate yourself and come before you want to.

Here’s how to do it…

While she’s on her back, get on top of her and position yourself in between her legs like you’d normally do with missionary.

But, instead of hoisting yourself up with your hands, position your body against hers so that your torsos rub against each other. Put both elbows and forearms on the bed up near her shoulders for support.

Place your left hand behind her neck and your right hand behind her left shoulder. This will help you get more leverage for thrusting and also make it easy to grab the roots of her hair in a dominant way (we’ll talk more about that later in this part of the book).

Why is this position great? Aside from the fact that it helps you set the rhythm and get things off to a good start, it also maximizes contact between her clitoris and your pelvic region. This combination of vaginal and clitoral stimulation can lead to a quick orgasm or, at the very least, a lot of added pleasure for the girl.

Best position to transition to: Scissor doggy style


– Wrap her legs around your waist.

– Grab both of her ass cheeks with your hands and use them to pull yourself into her on each thrust.

– Lift her by her lower back with both hands, hoist her up gently, and thrust (keep in mind this expends a lot more energy on your part).

– While holding her head by the root of her hair with one hand, place the other hand on her butt cheek. This allows you to grab her ass and also stroke her leg and upper thigh.

– Put a pillow underneath her butt to help get a better angle.

– Kiss her neck and nibble on her ear while you penetrate her.

2. Scissor Doggy Style 

Skin-to-skin contact: Medium  

Energy used: Medium  

This is pretty much the “go-to” position I transition to after missionary with full contact. I think it’s a slightly rarer position based on the pleasantly surprised looks I get from girls when I do it. I’ve also had several girls tell me they’d never even seen a guy try it before.

Here’s how to do it…

If you’re already fucking her in the missionary with full contact position, then you don’t even need to take your penis out of her vagina.

Sit up on your knees and turn her onto her right side with both of her legs together (if you’re familiar with yoga, this looks like the sideways savasana pose where she’s lying down on her side with both her legs curled up together to one side).

Then, lift her inner leg (i.e. the one not touching the bed), and move your body forward so that her outer leg is between your knees.

At this point, you’re basically sitting up straight with her right leg the gap between your legs.

This allows you to thrust deeply and easily grab her ass and titties.

Best position to transition to: Doggy style

Variation: Instead of getting in between her legs, fuck her while both of her legs are together and you’re kneeling behind them. Here, you’re fucking her while she’s in the “savasana” type of pose that I just mentioned. 

3. Doggy Style 

It’s the tried-and-true position that you’ve almost certainly heard of already.

It gives you a great view of her ass and body and easy access to spanking her.

What I’ve noticed is that the better a girl’s ass is, the more likely she’s going to want to get into this position first. She’ll hop on the bed and hoist her ass up. So hop on there and give her what she wants!

Here’s how to do it:

Have her get on the bed on all fours. Get up behind her while you’re on your knees, penetrate her, and start thrusting.

Reach around and occasionally grab her titties. You can also reach around and rub her clit with your fingers, since the position itself doesn’t stimulate it.

Best position to transition to: Lying flat doggy style


– Sit back so that your butt touches your ankles, and pull her ass and upper body back so that her back touches your chest.

– Put one leg up near her side like you’re taking a knee, and continue thrusting. This will help you thrust deeper.

4. Lying Flat Doggy Style 

Skin-to-skin contact: Medium to maximum  

Energy used: Medium to high

This position gives you a lot of what’s awesome about regular doggy style but adds more skin-to-skin contact.

Here’s how to do it…

Have her get into the regular doggy style position and penetrate her. Then have her lie flat down on the bed with her legs together. Get on top of her so that your stomach is touching her back. Start thrusting.

This allows you to easily kiss her neck from behind, talk dirty into her ear, and spank her.

Best position to transition to: Doggy style  


– While inside of her, turn your body so that it’s perpendicular to hers and keep thrusting.

– Instead of thrusting, have her rotate her ass so that she’s controlling the speed and type of penetration. 

– Put a pillow under her lower abdomen to get in at a better angle.  

5. Her on Top 

Skin-to-skin contact: Low to medium  

Energy used: Low

Here’s another classic position.

Her on top can be intimate or rough. She can do most (or all) of the work, or you can switch it up, grab her ass, and thrust into her.

Here’s how to do it…

Lie down on the bed and tell her to get on top and ride you.

While she rides you, you can grab her titties, ass, and whatever part of her body you want. Enjoy the view and watch those titties bounce up and down as she pleasures the both of you. 

Best position to transition to: Reverse cowgirl


Put your knees up, bring her in closer to you, and thrust into her.

– Hoist yourself up so that your torso is parallel to hers, and suck on her titties.

– Move to the edge of the bed and put your feet on the floor. Have her straddle you while she faces you. This dramatically increases skin-to-skin contact and allows you to go deeper.

6. Reverse Cowgirl 

Skin-to-skin contact: Low 

Energy used: Low  

This is basically the reverse of her on top. It gives you a clear view of her ass as she rides you while facing in the opposite direction.

Here’s how to do it…

Lie down on the bed and position her so that her ass is facing you, and she’s looking towards your feet. Tell her to ride you.

Smack her ass and enjoy the view as she goes up and down.

Best position to transition to: Edge-of-bed reverse cowgirl 

Variation: Lift her by her lower back, bend your knees, and thrust into her.

7. Edge-of-Bed Reverse Cowgirl 

Skin-to-skin contact: Low to medium

Energy used: Low

This one is similar to regular reverse cowgirl in that she’s riding you while facing in the opposite direction.

But instead of lying down, you’re on the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor. It’s great for making more skin-to-skin contact

Here’s how to do it…

Sit on the edge of the bed so that your feet are planted on the ground. Spread your legs apart a bit so that she can easily sit on you and put her own between them. Then, position her so that she can ride you with both of her legs together and her ass facing you. Her feet should be touching the ground too.

It’s basically like how you’d imagine a lap dance, except instead of dancing on you, she’s fucking you.

 Best position to transition to: Mirror (or Standing) Doggy Style


Wrap your arms around her lower waist and move her up and down as you thrust into her.

– Lie back like you would during regular reverse cowgirl.

8. Mirror (or Standing) Doggy Style 

Skin-to-skin contact: Low to Medium

Energy used: High

This is the standing up version of doggy, except it’s enhanced with the help of a mirror.

(All the better if you have a big mirror near your bed so that you can do this easily.

The mirror is great because it allows you to see each other’s expressions and full bodies. You can see her moan and watch her titties bounce, and you can see the pleasure that she’s giving you.

Here’s how to do it…

Tell her to stand up and plant her hands near (or on) the mirror (either on the wall, the bureau, or something else that’s sturdy).

Then, thrust into her vagina from behind.

You can wrap your arms around her waist, grab her titties for leverage, and even yank her head up by the root of her hair so that she looks in the mirror and watches as you fuck her. 

Best position to transition to: Any doggy style position, as well as edge-of-bed reverse cowgirl 

Variation: Turn so that the sides of your bodies are facing the mirror instead of looking at it head on. That way, you can see the sex from a different angle and intensify the experience. 

9. Legs Over Shoulders 

Skin-to-skin contact: Medium

Energy used: High

This is a little tweaking of the missionary position that allows you to go deeper and enjoy the feeling of her beautiful legs.

Just be careful not to go too deep here as this can hurt her.

Here’s how to do it…

Have her lie down on the bed. Get between her legs and raise them as you thrust into her. Lean forward so that your face is above her breasts (or above her face if she’s on the shorter side, or you’re on the taller side), and her legs are straddling your shoulders.

Thrust in and out and enjoy the view of her entire upper body.

Best position to transition to: Scissor doggy style


Hold her legs straight up and together slightly to your left or right side, and continue thrusting.  

– Stand on the floor at the edge of the bed. Pull her in so that her ass is on the edge, then put her feet over your shoulders and thrust. This gives you a little more thrusting power than when you’re on your knees on the bed.

10. Her on Top (While You’re Sitting on a Chair) 

Skin-to-skin contact: High

Energy used: Low to medium

If you have a somewhat narrow chair with no arm rests, this one is the perfect way to utilize it.

Sit down on the chair and have her straddle you so that her legs are on either side of you.

Have her ride you up and down and side to side.

You can grab her ass and help her move in whatever way you want her to ride you.

This position allows you to get deeper and also make direct contact with the clitoris. 

Best position to transition to: Reverse cowgirl

Variation: Wrap your arms around her lower waist and suck on her titties while you help hoist her up and down or back and forth.