If you don’t love the bar scene, you hate loud music, and you’d be cool with never stepping foot into another nightclub again – are you doomed for mediocrity with women?

And even if you do like the bar scene, do you ever get frustrated because it can be tough to meet quality girls?

I have good news for you. There’s A LOT more to attracting women than just flirting with girls at the bar.

The fact is, you might not care about the bar scene, and that’s okay. And even if you do, you should have other methods for meeting women—especially quality women.

In order to meet quality women, you need to do interesting things, put yourself out there, and destroy your ego (ride the bull, remember?). Luckily, all of this is easier than it sounds.

Before we get into it, though, ask yourself a few questions. Are you achieving your dating goals? If not, what strategy can help you get there? Who is your ideal type of girl, and what does she love to do? These questions will help you determine what type of social activities you can do to meet her.

Let’s dive into some activities that can instantly expand your social circle and help you meet tons of beautiful, quality women. These activities have helped my friends and I meet great girls—but, they’re just examples, and maybe your ideal girl has different interests. Keep that in mind, and think of activities she might be doing—and then do those activities!

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4 Ways to Meet Awesome Women in Your Twenties

1. Salsa Dance Classes

I took salsa dance lessons the summer after I graduated. The only reason I registered is because a cute girl from my work also took dance lessons, and she encouraged me to do it. Of course, we didn’t end up in the same class.

I looked and felt like a complete idiot at the beginning. After each lesson was over, we’d all go over to a salsa club and dance for a few hours. It was a great time, even if I kinda sucked and couldn’t keep up.


I didn’t meet any women in that class (seeing as the class was pretty much all 40+ year old women, and me), but that’s probably because I took the class in a small town in Rhode Island.

However, two months later, I found myself in a conversation with a drop-dead gorgeous girl. My friends and I had just left the club and went for late night pizza—it was around 3:30am. When I walked into the pizza shop, my jaw dropped. This girl was amazing. Turns out she was a salsa dance instructor, and we ended up salsa dancing on the sidewalk. We dated for a few amazing months after that. And if I never took those six salsa lessons, it never would have happened.

It sounds ridiculous, but once you take salsa lessons, it comes up in conversation A LOT more than you think. Girls find it hilarious and cool, and you can go to salsa clubs and actually know what you’re doing.


2. Improv Classes

I thought I’d be an improv master. I have clever one-liners for every situation, and I’m quick-witted. Improv would be easy. Hell, I’d be on Saturday Night Live in no time.

When I took improv classes last year, however, I was quickly brought down to earth. There’s much more to improv than quick wit and funny one-liners. But I learned a TON, and the class was a great experience. Not to mention, the class had ten girls and two guys.

When you do improv, you kill two birds with one stone. Not only do you drastically improve your communication, but you’re also forced to interact with women. It’s part of the class. And the whole time, you’re in a fun, open environment with supportive, cool, and fun people.

If you’re in any sizable city, I guarantee you can find an improv class. Usually, they are cheap—so go sign up for one.


3. CrossFit

I’ve never done CrossFit before, but a lot of my friends have. They constantly rave about it.

Why is it a great activity? Well, for one, you get into great shape. But you’re also surrounded by women who are getting in shape too. They care about their health and body. For the most part, these are high quality women. And during a CrossFit session, you’re expected to interact with the rest of the group (and these high quality women). It’s a great, no pressure way to meet women, and it also makes you a more attractive man.


4. Social Sports

This might be one of the best ways to expand your social circle and meet beautiful women. Social sports are co-ed intramural sports for young adults. You’ll play sports like dodgeball, soccer, and volleyball, and afterwards, the teams will get together and go out to the bar/club.

These sports are literally crafted for single people in their early twenties. If you’re in a big city, there will definitely be social sports available. Ask around and search on Google.

Social sports also give you the opportunity to meet cool guys—you’ll have much more fun when you go out with a group of cool guys than by yourself or with losers. Women take stock in the quality of your friends. 

These are some activities to get you started. Once you start engaging in activities like these, your social life will explode. You’ll constantly meet new people and have an influx of beautiful women in your life. If you’re not great at conversation now, you will get better as you do more of these activities.

There are many more activities like these—it all comes down to your dating strategy. Choose activities you enjoy, and that your ideal type of girl will enjoy.

P.S. Here’s a great infographic for meeting women that will help as well.

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