The following is a guest post from reader William…

The benefits of having sex extend well beyond your bedroom (or any other place where you have it).

Let me reveal just a few of the essential perks you get from a healthy sex life:

  • You help your immune system to stay strong (that means less sick days for you)
  • You will enjoy the advantages of increased libido
  • You will burn calories since sex counts as intense work-out

Sex also lowers your blood pressure and the risk of having a heart attack.

Nevertheless, there are a few factors which can entirely kill your sex drive and you shouldn’t ignore them.  Some may think only erectile dysfunctions could affect your sex life, but that’s not true.

Here are the Factors That Kill Your Sex Drive:

1. Excessive Drinking

Both sexes suffer because of excessive alcohol consumption, which is linked to impotence and infertility.

I’m not talking about a few sips of your favorite wine (a moderate quantity can, in fact, reduce the inhibition); I’m referring to long-term overuse of alcohol, which affects the nervous system, the pituitary glands and then the genitals, especially in men.

Recent clinical investigations have argued that alcohol abuse can generate permanent damage to specific nerves of the penis, thus leading to impotence.

2. You are Overweight

Nobody likes to hear it, but it’s a significant issue: carrying extra pounds  will impact your sex life. Your libido will decrease, and your performance in bed will be lousy.

You should also consider the fact that obesity is usually related to medical conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol, which will also crush your mojo. It would be wise to lose the extra pounds if you want a fulfilled sex life.

3. You Don’t Sleep Well (or Enough)

A regular sleep pattern is another essential factor for improving your sex life. Sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain (and we’ve already discussed that being overweight kills your sex), poor work performance, severely diminished libido and incapacity of reaching orgasms.

Researchers believe that lack of proper sleep can set off the production of cortisol (known as “the stress hormone”), which plays a crucial role in reducing the testosterone levels.

So you’d better get some sleep if you want to be fit for pleasure.

4. You Take Damaging Pills

Ingesting antidepressants or other meds will undoubtedly kill your mood.

Medical experts say that, according to various studies, about 30% of the people who take specific inhibitors may experience sexual side effects (such as erectile dysfunction or orgasm difficulties).

Add decongestants, anti-histamines, and high blood pressure medication to the list of pills that can mess up a person’s sex drive. If you are the type who has a low sex drive by default, then taking such pills will just make the situation worse.

5. You Don’t Have Confidence in Yourself

Sometimes it’s just that: lack of confidence. You’re overthinking things;

  • You don’t trust your moves and reactions
  • You are scared of your partner might say or not say
  • You have an inferior body image, and you’re merely killing your mood with unnecessary questions and fears

Remember that the brain-body connection is essential for sexual desire and the ability to perform. Any negative thought about you or your body will affect your sex life.

Wrap Up…

Thus, here they are – the top five worst enemies of your mojo. Avoid them, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy a healthy sex life and fantastic experiences for a long time. Remember what John Updike once said: “Sex is like money. Only too much is enough.”

This has been a guest post from William. I saw some of his contributions to other sites and thought he good add some good value here!