Hey man,

You ever get stuck in a rut?

You don’t feel like doing anything and it feels like your passion for life is gone…

If you don’t get out of it quick, it can really mess you up.

That’s why I made today’s video…

In it, you’ll learn 5 quick ways to instantly get out of your rut.

Check it out below:

At some point, we all fall into ruts… So even if you’re not in a rut right now, this video will prepare you for when life hits the hardest.

Here’s a quick recap:

1. Visualize Your Best Moments

  • Picture your most successful and happiest moments. Maybe it’s the time you hit the game winning shot, aced the project, or picked up the sexy girl. Feel the emotions you felt at the time, and realize that YOU created those moments, and that you CAN be successful again

2. Assess Your Environment 

  • You’re environment may be sapping your energy and happiness without you even knowing it. Write down 7-10 elements that are important for you to have in a city/environment, and ask yourself whether the place you’re in now has those elements. If not, it may be time to make a big change

3. Hang Around Great People 

  • Make an effort to befriend good people who support you and have your back – and make sure to do the same for them. You can make more friends by actively participating in activities you’re passionate about, like going to a language exchange or an entrepreneur networking event.

4. Adapt Better Habits 

  • Practice daily habits like meditation, exercising, visualizing, and reading. These small daily improvements will make a big difference over time.

5. Take action 

  • Write out a goal you have for yourself, and figure out one small action you can take right now that gets you closer to achieving it.

I also tossed on a bonus way – it’s at the end of the video. Check it out!


Dave Perrotta