Alright guys, picture this: you’ve met an amazing girl through an app and have been talking for a few days now. You’ve posted super fresh photos of yourself that she digs. Conversation is great. But when you finally meet up for a first date, you see her do a quick scan and look disappointed. Why?

No matter how much you might look like a Hemsworth brother, if your outfit sends off the wrong vibes, your chances at going home with her are in grave danger. Your clothes say a lot about who you are, including how serious you are about getting to know this amazing girl.

Let’s take a look at some of the top fashion faux pas that crush a guy’s chance at making it past the first date.

1. Wearing A Hat

C’mon man, why are you wearing a hat inside a restaurant? You know how you take your cap off as a sign of respect during the National Anthem? Yeah, show this girl that same amount of respect. Not only does wearing a hat on the first date show a lack of respect toward your lady, but it hides a major asset that could work in your favor.

Women love a guy with a good head of hair, so show off what your mama gave you. Even if you’re going bald, she’ll love being able to see the real you without a hat to hide behind. The only exception to this rule is if you’re headed to a sports game—then rep your team as hard as you want.

2. Opting for Shorts

It doesn’t matter if it’s 100 degrees outside—always wear pants on your first date. Shorts signal laziness and a lack of sophistication. Your girl doesn’t want to feel like you just threw on the first thing you saw—she wants to know you put time and effort into making a good first impression! If the temperature is a real concern for you, opt for lighter khakis instead of jeans.

3. No Watch 

Boys check their smartphones for the time. Men wear watches. Apart from being a classy accessory, you can use a watch as a romantic prop. You check it. She asks, “Do you need to be somewhere else?” And you say, “Not unless you’ll be there.” Boom, you’re getting laid tonight. When it comes to watches, pick something timeless that James Bond would approve of. Look for metal or leather watches instead of a techy timepiece that’s basically just a mini phone on your wrist.

4. Dirty Shoes

Shoes make all the difference for a first date outfit. Imagine what she’s thinking when you show up in dirty Converse. Yeah, the friendzone is gonna happen real quick. Now imagine wearing that sleek pair of leather dress shoes with jeans and a button-down. She’s definitely going to like the look of that. Not only does it look like you put effort into your meet up, but she’ll also deduce that you have money to spend on clothes—always a turn on.

5. Excessive Bling

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to attract the ladies with some bling, make sure you don’t go overboard. A chain here and an earring there could lend you the bad boy vibe you’re going for, but anything more than that will make you look foolish. Unless you’re an A-list rapper, you don’t get to dress the part. Women can smell fake dudes from a mile away, and you’ll never be able to get your happy ending when you keep playing dress-up on a first date.

6. Too Dressy 

Alright, so most of what we’ve covered has shown that being too casual can be a real c*** block. But being overly dressy can be as well. If you show up in a three piece suit to a Starbucks, she’s definitely going to think you’re a serial killer. Make sure you know exactly where you’re meeting up before getting dressed, that way you can hopefully match her level of attire. Being too dressed up puts a formality on the date that you don’t want—so try to hit that sweet spot right in the middle!


There ya have it. Steer clear of these 6 first date outfit mistakes and you should be going home one lucky man.