Hey man,

Most guys fail to get the kinds of girls they REALLY want…

…and eventually, settle for a girl far below their standards.

If you don’t want to be one of those guys…

If you don’t want to be the guy stuck in a bad relationship when you KNOW you could do better…

Then check out today’s video.

Here’s the TL;DW:

I lay out the 7 most common reasons why guys struggle to get the girls they really want.

1. They Take Rejection Personally 

  • A girl doesn’t reject you, she rejects your approach. Taking it personally will make you bitter and hinder your progress.

2. They Blame Women 

  • Women are attracted high quality guys – and if you’re not a high quality guy, or you don’t approach them in a way that signals you’re a quality dude, then don’t expect her to be attracted. Instead, improve yourself.

3. They’re Afraid to Look Stupid 

  • If you want to get good  at anything in life, you’re going to have to look stupid for a little while. That’s part of the process of going from bad to good.

4. They Give Up Too Quickly 

  • Don’t give up on approaching/improving with girls just because your strategy doesn’t work a few times. Make incremental improvements and get back at it.

5. They Don’t Understand the Concept of Value

  • If you don’t offer any value, girls (or guys) won’t want to hang out with you, and vice versa. Start creating value in your life, and learn how to display it through the way you carry yourself and talk about yourself.

6. They Hang Out With Shitty Dudes 

  • Bad friends will drag you down and make you worse with girls. Make better quality friends who elevate you instead of pull you down.

7. They Make Excuses 

  • Don’t make excuses if you’re not getting the results you want. The only person responsible for your success is you, and NO excuse is going to get you laid.


Hope you guys enjoy watching the video! Let me know your thoughts