Hey man,

You ever meet a girl who you THOUGHT was awesome…

But then she turned out to be crazy?

It happens to the best of us man…

But if you know how to spot a girl’s red flags early on, you can cut her loose and find a cooler girl who you match up great with…

…and who doesn’t drive you nuts.

In today’s video, you’ll learn how to spot those red flags. Click below to check it out:

Here’s the TL;DW:

I give you 7 red flags to watch for in a girl. If she gives you any of these red flags, then get the hell out of there:

1. Weird social media habits – These are a sign that she craves validation from random people, and she lacks self-awareness – two qualities you don’t want in a girl.

2. She loves to party all the time – These kinds of girls are most likely to cheat on you just for the share fact that they’re going out a lot and have more opportunities to do so.

3. Unhealthy habits – If she doesn’t go to the gym and eat healthy, she’s bound to let herself go. Plus, her bad habits will start to rub off on you.

4. She talks too much – These girls are usually insecure and bad listeners, plus, annoying as hell.

5. Early signs of neediness – If she shows you signs of needy behavior (like texting you all the time or questioning you about girls before you’ve started dating), it’s a big red flag. The neediness will only get worse.

6. She’s bad with money – Money breaks up most relationships. If she doesn’t understand how to value money, she’s going to end up wasting both yours and her’s and cause a lot of problems.

7. Drastically different values – Some small value differences are okay and pretty much inevitable, but if you’ve got a few big differences, it might be a good idea to find someone you match up with a little better.

Hope you guys enjoy watching the video! Let me know your thoughts