Do you know how to tell for sure if a girl is into you?

There are certain signs that give it away…

If you know how to read these signs, you’ll make the right move at the right time, and get the girl.

If not, you’ll probably miss your chance.

Today, you’ll learn the signs AND what to do when you get them.

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Here’s the recap:

1. Her Feet Are Pointed Towards You

Your feet are usually pointed toward what you value most in a given moment.

The same goes for women.

If you’re talking to her, but her feet are pointed away from you, it means she sees more value elsewhere.

But if they’re pointed squarely at you, then you’ve got her full attention and she’s probably into you.

And if you noticed her feet are pointed away from you, then you say or do something, and suddenly she turns and points them right at you, it means you’re winning her over.

2. She Complies With Your Requests

You should give a girl small requests as the interaction progresses.

This gets her used to following your lead, and also shows you her interest level.

For example, if you meet her during the day, you could say, “Let’s sit down on this bench for a minute”. If you meet her at the bar, you could say, “Let’s hit the dancefloor.”

If she easily complies, she’s into you.

If not, you’ve got some more work to do.

3. She’s in Your Personal Bubble

When I say personal bubble, I mean talking about 1-3 foot area around your body.

If a girl is comfortable being close to you, she probably likes you.

She ain’t gonna get all up in there with a guy she’s unsure about.

This is also another way you can test her compliance.

You can get a little closer to her while talking. If she doesn’t back away, you know she’s comfortable around you.

4. She’s Nervous Around You

if a girl is nervous around you, it’s not a bad thing.

See, there’s two type of nervous… interested nervous, and creepy nervous.

If she’s interested nervous, it means she likes you and doesn’t wanna screw it up. So she might do things like kick her feet, play with her hair, or shy away from holding strong eye contact.

If she’s creepy nervous, it means you creepin her out. So she’ll probably be looking around with “help me eyes” and hoping you get the hint.

5. She’s Comfortable With Your Touch

You should be physical with a girl right off the bat. It shows you’re a sexual guy and sets the tone for the interaction.

Some easy ways to get physical are to touch her arm when she says something funny, lead her by the small of her back, and take her hand when you’re walking through the bar.

If she stiffens up or feels uncomfortable with any of this, she’s probably not into you yet.

But if she’s completely relaxed and comfortable, you’re good.

6. She Touches You

Some things to look for are if she lightly touches your forearm during conversation, rests her hand on your leg when you sit down, or bumps into you and makes more contact than necessary.

Hell, I’ve even had a girl caress my hand as we were in a conversation with a group of her friends.

If she’s touching you, take is as a sign that she’s into you.

7. She’s Still Hanging With You

If a girl doesn’t like you, she’s going to leave the conversation.

She’ll say she has to go meet with her friends, or she’s got to go to the bathroom, and she’ll say, “i’ll be right back”.

Bad news bro. She ain’t coming back.

It’s easy for a girl to excuse herself, so if she sticks in the conversation, she’s probably into you.

It means you’re the most interesting thing to her in that moment.


Aside from these signs, a couple other big signs she’s into you are if she looks at your lips, or makes prolonged eye contact. So keep those in mind too.

What Should You Do If You Get These Signs?

Well, you should push things further by giving her bigger compliance requests.

So if you at the club, you can ask her to go outside and get some fresh air, or drop in a light sexual innuendo and see how she responds.

If it’s during the day, you can ask if she wants to go grab a coffee or an afternoon drink.

You should also screen her for logistics and figure out what she has going on later that night, or later that afternoon. That way you know if a potential pull is possible.

As you get used to noticing these signs, you’ll get a feel for when it’s the right time to ask a girl to leave with you or make a move.