Hey man,

Do you usually hook up with girls on the first date?

A lot of guys don’t…

And that’s a big reason they don’t get many second dates…

The thing is, it’s pretty damn easy to hook up on the first date. You just have to avoid a few very common mistakes.

I talk about each of those mistakes in today’s video. Check it out below:

If you can avoid these, you’ll hook up with A LOT more girls on the first date…

And your dating life will be much more abundant.

Here’s the TL;DW:

1. Try to make it “too fun” 

  • The date idea doesn’t need to be some crazy, over the top thing. The fun should come more from the interaction between you and the girl than what you’re doing on the date

2. No plan 

  • If you go in with no plan, it’ll be really hard to lead the girl and get laid. Have at least a basic plan and try to set the logistics in your favor

3. Over-spending 

  • Spending a bunch of money just puts a whole in your wallet and adds unnecessary pressure. Cheaper is usually better. Try to keep it to under $30-$40

4. They don’t look fresh 

  • Make sure your hair is styled well, you’ve got a good scent (with some cologne), and you’ve got well-fitting clothes

5. Fail to connect 

  • Don’t drone on about yourself. Ask her open ended questions and get her to open up to you

6. Keep it too platonic 

  • If all you do is have polite conversation, she’s going to put you in the friendzone. Make it sexual from the beginning by greeting her with a huge, being physical throughout, and making strong eye contact

7. Not making a move 

  • If you don’t make a move on the first date, you probably won’t see her again. Lead her throughout, and make a move by the end of the night

8. Not inviting the girl home 

  • Best way to guarantee a second date is to have great sex with her on the first one. To do that, you gotta invite her home