Do you know how long it takes a girl to decide if she’d be open to sleeping with you?

A few seconds…

In her mind, you’re either a “yes” or a “no”.

So, how do you start becoming a “yes” to hot girls?

It’s simple…

There are certain things a woman notices FIRST about you. If you can get these things right, you’ll put yourself squarely in the “yes” category.

Sexy women will be a lot more open to sleeping with you…

You see, these things signal that you’re a cool guy who can show her an amazing time.

So, what are these things?

I cover the most important ones in today’s video. Click below to check it out:

Here’s the recap:

1. Your Style

Over the last few years I’ve seen how important style is to your look.

Basically, you want to make sure you’ve got clothes that fit well, are good quality, and represent you well.

So get rid of the graphic tees and oversized pants, and start being mindful about what you wear.

I’ve retooled my wardrobe a lot over the past few years, and now I wear more athletic wear that ALSO can be good for going out. For example, I try to rock well-fitting t shirts that accentuate my muscles.

Get ready to make your style a priority in 2019 because it makes a big difference, and will definitely impact the way women react to you.

2. Your Accessories

It’s nice to have quality clothes that fit well, but if you really wanna stand out, you gotta perfect the details.

That’s where your accessories come in. I’m talking about watches, sunglasses, belts, and hats.

As the saying goes, “Boys look at their smartphones to check the time. Men look at their watch.”

My favorite watch is from Ila A. Mahieu, and you can get $30 off by clicking here.

3. Your Posture

I know guys who walk around with their heads down like they’re getting their ass whooped by life.

My buddy Christian McQueen likes to call these guys Soy Boys.

That type of posture is a great way to never have a girl give you a second look.

On the other hand, if you’ve got good posture, you seem more confident and attractive.

Here’s a couple quick tips for better posture:

First, try lifting your chest slightly so that your shoulder blades move down and back.

Then, make sure your chin is level, and not tilted up like Superman.

4. Your Scent

I’ve met guys who constantly smell like B.O.

I’m not sure if they never shower, or if nobody has told them they smell bad.

I don’t know what the hell is going on.

But the point is, your scent is one of the first things girls will notice about you, so you’ve gotta get it under control.

That means wearing deodorant, showering every day, and wearing a nice cologne.

5. Your Hands

It sounds crazy, and you wouldn’t expect this, but a lot of girls think hands are sexy.

So if you take good care of your hands, you’re going to be more attractive.

Now I’m not saying you need to be hand model like George Costanza.

But I am saying you should clip your nails every few days and use lotion so your skin doesn’t crack.

And for God sake, if you’ve got clammy palms, get that shit under control.

6. Your Crew

If you hang out with a bunch of losers, girls are going to think you’re a loser too.

So stop hanging out and going out with losers. They’re going to bring you down.

I used to do this and I would get cockblocked all the time, because my “friends” would do some dumb shit or they’d just look like losers.

Instead, aim to hang with high quality guys that are going to lift you up.

That’s why if you see me out, I’m most likely gonna be surrounded by cool dudes, who are successful entrepreneurs, in shape, and know how to communicate.

When girls take one look at my crew, I look even better because I’m associated with cool people.

And the same will be true for you.

7. Your Eye Contact

The true test of a man’s confidence is if he can hold eye contact with a hot girl.

See, hot girls are used to guys doing all types of dumb shit when they interact with them, not the least of which is avoiding strong eye contact.

And it’s super unattractive.

So, there’s one thing you can do to start improving your eye contact right now.

Hold eye contact at the beginning of the interaction UNTIL the girl breaks it. Then you can glance away.

This will help you start your interactions strong, and get you comfortable with prolonged eye contact.

8. Your Vibe

Your vibe is the energy you give off.

If you’ve ever heard a girl say, “I don’t know what it is about that guy… he’s not even super handsome, there’s just something sexy about him”.

They’re talking about his vibe.

If you’ve got a sexy vibe, girls are going to check you out from across the room, and you’re going to get tons of approach invitations.

Girls will be able to tell that you “get it”.

Now, a big part of having a sexy vibe is the beliefs you have about yourself.

If you believe you’re a guy who deserves hot girls – a guy who deserves the best out of life – that’s going to come through in your vibe.

I’ll give you a quick tip for that right now, and i want you to use it wisely. Just doing this alone can sexually charge an interaction.

When you’re talking to a girl, imagine for a few seconds what it will be like to hook up with her. You wanna come from the frame of mind that it’s going to happen, and it’s just a matter of time.

Look into her eyes with that belief, and throw in playful smile while you do it.

Just doing this alone has helped me sexually charge stagnant interactions, and lead to hookups later in the day or night.