Why PostGradCasanova?

After I graduated, I noticed the “real world” was a lot different than college–especially when it came to meeting women.

Conversations seemed easy in college. But the “real world” was full of strangers. And by strangers, I mean hot girls who I was scared to talk to.

If I couldn’t talk about classes and teachers, what was I supposed to do?

Through a bit of trial and error, I figured it out. It wasn’t so scary after all. Actually, it was a ton of fun.

I’ve managed to achieve a very fulfilling dating life after college. This was the original idea behind the blog and the “PostGradCasanova” name.

But over the past 3-4 years, it’s evolved into something bigger than that. I’ve noticed that a lot of dating advice out now just sucks. It’s either conventional and plain wrong, or it’s way too “pickup-artisty” and it sends the wrong message to guys. 

So, I’ve set out to create a resource for normal dudes who want to improve with women. You don’t need to be a pickup-artist or a weirdo. What I give you here is the truth, based on real experiences. This is not theory, everything you read here has been proven time and again in my life and that of my clients.

The goal is to help you develop the right mindsets and skills that will help you meet and attract women (with some funny stories along the way).

Why Do I Care About Helping Guys With Dating?

For me, my journey to improve with women has led to a whole host of amazing adventures, along with a lifestyle I love.

In the 4 years since I started this blog, I’ve gone from broke and living with my parents, no financially free and traveling the world.

It all started by working on my dating life. The hope is that if I can help you do the same, you’ll have similar realizations and be able to live the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of.

So I hope you enjoy the content and I hope it helps you crush life and achieve your biggest goals!

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About Dave

I’m Dave Perrotta—AKA Mr. Steal-Yo-Girl (just kidding, don’t ever call me that). I’ve been called “an asshole, but in a good guy sort of way”.

When I was ten, I wanted to know how to talk to girls. Not just casual conversation, but the exact words to make them like me (cue the painful years of embarrassing failures). Now, I’m twenty-three and I say ridiculous things to women—and they dig it.

(Oh, and sometimes I sing Back Street Boys songs at Karaoke. “I Want it That Way” is my jam. What’d you think I was doing in this picture anyway?!)

After I graduated, I noticed the “real world” was a lot different from college—especially when it came to meeting women. So I started this blog to help guys figure it out. And then I skipped grad school because I got bored with accounting.

When I got ‘good’ with women, I transformed from a passionless accountant to a passionate entrepreneur.

Oh, and somehow I beat out 300 guys to get featured on Simple Pickup’s Project Go program, where I got filmed picking up girls in Hollywood. It was fun.

But I’m not a freakazoid pickup-artist. I’m a normal guy who’s pretty good with women. And I want to help you get pretty damn good too.