You’re at the club and the music is bumping…

You walk through and look at your environment…

There are a few girls dancing in the middle, clearly having a great time. A few guys dancing in a circle, having fun as well.

Then, you have the guys lining the outer part of the dancefloor, staring intently into the middle, eying their next “dance victim” (but honestly, you know these guys don’t have the balls to actually approach a girl on the dancefloor).

You look back into the middle, and that’s when you see her…

She has long black hair, and big, brown, inviting eyes. She’s petite, but with some serious curves. Best of all? She knows how to move…

You have a sudden, unmistakable urge to approach her. Your intuition is yelling at you to get off your ass and start walking towards her.

But at that same moment, all of your past dancefloor rejections pop into your head.

The time you tapped a girl on the shoulder and she turned and scowled at you. The time a girl’s boyfriend asked you “What the fuck are you doing, bro?!” and threatened to kick your ass. The time she laughed at you for even making an attempt…

For a second, you’re paralyzed with indecision.

You’re frantically thinking, “Should I even approach her, and if so, how do I do it the right way?”

This moment, my man, is what this post is all about.

If you can successfully approach a girl on the dancefloor, you can dance with more women, get more phone numbers that lead to dates, gain important reference experiences, improve your dancing skills, and bring more women home.

It’s a gamechanger man…

And if you can’t? Well, women will quickly group you into the “Guys who don’t get it” or “creepy” category…

Luckily, it’s pretty simple to successfully approach a girl on the dancefloor. There are a few things you SHOULD do, and a few you definitely should NOT…

Let’s dive in…

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2 Weird Dancefloor Approaches to Avoid

1) The “Stare Down for an Hour and Then Approach”

I was guilty of this (maybe you have been too)…

You see the pretty girl, but decide not to approach her right away. You tell yourself it’s not the right moment, and you’ll wait to approach her later.

This is a limiting rationalization that will hold you back with women. Odds are, she can sense you looking at her. She’s wondering, “What the fuck is this guy looking at? Is he going to approach me or just stand in the corner like a creep?”

The longer you wait, the more creepy you seem, and the less chance you’ll even muster up the courage to approach her.

It’s far better to abide by the 3 second rule – when you see a girl you want to meet, approach her within 3 seconds.

2) The “Creep Up Behind Her and Grind”

When she catches you creepin'...

When she catches you creepin’…

This is the classic creepy guy dancefloor approach. It will cause a girl to instantly give her friends the “help me!” eyes. Unless you’re incredibly good looking (and even then, it probably won’t work), it destroys your chances with the girl.

The reason it’s so creepy and weird is because you’re basically groping her without getting permission. She doesn’t know who you are or even what you look like until she turns around.

Avoid this one at all costs.

Here are 3 Ways You Can Approach a Girl On the Dancefloor 

(Note: Obviously, these won’t work 100% of the time – but they will give you the best chance. These have also been proven to work all over the world, as my friends and I have used them in every continent…)

1) The “Eye Contact and Approach”

This is the most surefire dancefloor approach there is. To do it right, it helps to be aware of approach invitations that women give you, along with how to elicit approach invitations (for more on these, see the “approach invitation” section of this post).

You see, women won’t usually outright approach you because of the social risks involved (it’s a much bigger social risk for women than men, since men are expected to initiate things). So, approach invitations are basically their way to approach you and let you know they’re interested, without actually approaching you.

Here are some tips for eliciting approach invitations from women on the dancefloor: 

  • Learn to have a sexy vibe around women
  • Hit the dancefloor and have fun – thoroughly enjoy yourself and move to the beat
  • Let people see you talking/hanging with a cool group of people
  • Get in their line of sight, and hover for a minute or so as if you stopped to think or are looking for someone
  • Walk slowly through the dancefloor

Eye contact is the most powerful (and obvious) approach invitation. When you lock eyes with a girl, and especially if she smiles, she’s thinking, “This guy is cute, I wonder what he’s all about…”

In doing so, she’s putting herself out there and waiting for you to make a move. You should approach her as quickly as possible – because if you ignore her, she’ll probably go cold.

All you really have to do is go up to her, hold eye contact, and put your hand out. Once she takes your hand (which she will 90% of the time if you’ve already made eye contact), gently pull her in and start dancing with her.

2) The “Dancefloor Hip Bump”

This is great for when you haven’t yet gotten an approach invitation from a girl, but you want a fun way to get her attention and start dancing with her.

Here’s how to do it…

When you see an attractive girl on the dancefloor, just bump her lightly with your hip, step back, and dance for a second (with a big smile on your face). Once she looks back and smiles (she usually will), take her hand, spin her around to face you, and start dancing with her.

3) The “Take Her Hand and Spin”

This is the most bold type of approach. It has a high-risk, high-reward. As such, it helps to have an approach invitation before doing it (though it isn’t absolutely necessary).

You basically just take her hand and pull her into you, or spin her and pull her into you – right from the beginning. It’s quick and aggressive. It has a higher chance of getting you rejected, but it’s more dominant and can spark a sexual vibe right away. So, be aware of the risk and use it carefully.

Bonus tip: If you’re in Colombia, you can just say “Bailamos?” (We dance?) and that’s usually enough :-D…

To Recap: 

2 Weird Dancefloor Approaches You Need to Avoid: 

  1. The “Creep Up Behind Her and Grind”
  2. The “Stare Down for an Hour and Then Approach”

3 Ways You Should Approach a Girl on the Dancefloor 

  1. The “Eye Contact and Approach”
  2. The “Dancefloor Hip Bump”
  3. The “Take Her Hand and Spin”

Now that you know what to do and what NOT to do, it’s time to get out there and put it into action!

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Do you have any other favorite ways you’ve used to successfully approach a girl on the dancefloor? Post them in the comments below!