Approaching groups of girls has always been my strong point. In this video, I lay out the 5 steps you can use to successfully approach a group of girls (and get the one you want).

You can watch the video here:

1. Acknowledge the group (Don’t just focus on the girl you like – aim to win the group over too so they don’t feel like you’re trying to steal their friend away)

2. Match the energy of the environment (don’t try and have deep conversations on the dancefloor, use high energy instead, and vice versa for more relaxed environments)

3. Flirt with the group (Focus a little more attention on the girl you like, but be flirty with the whole group so they don’t feel left out. This is especially important for groups of 2 girls.)

4. Lead the group (Lead group around venue, steer the fun. Lead in a similar way as you would lead just one girl.)

5. Have a good wingman (Not always doable – but makes a huge difference if you can find one. Biggest key for a good wingman is to just be a normal dude. If the girl and her friends like you, they’ll probably like your friend too unless he’s a weirdo.)

Hope you guys like the vid. Also show a little bit of the lifestyle in Japan as well (just moved to Osaka) if you ever wondered what Japan is like.