Preparation is the key to success in almost every area…

…And that’s especially true when it comes to the dating realm.

And yet, most guys completely ignore preparation. They don’t bother to learn how to have better conversations with women, how to develop their sexy vibe, how to make a great first impression, etc.

So, it’s no surprise that they also don’t bother to prepare their apartment in a way that gives them the best chance of sleeping with a girl (or, at the very least, not scaring her off).

While having a panty-dropping bachelor pad isn’t the most important element for attracting women, it will make things a whole lot easier for you.

(By the way, by “panty dropper” I mean it makes women want to drop their panties and sleep with you when they walk in.)

I’m speaking from experience here because I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum: shitty, uncomfortable apartment/bedroom, and panty-dropping bachelor pad. I promise you the latter is much better, and the former cockblocked me more times than I can count.

With a nice bachelor pad, you’ll be more confident when the time comes to take a girl home, and when you’re back there with her, you’ll have a much better chance of taking things to the next level (and having sex).

In short, you should have this handled. It will make your game better and your life easier.

Before we get started, you should know the 4 necessary elements for a panty-dropping bachelor pad:

  • Cleanliness
  • Ambiance
  • Comfort
  • Preparedness

You’ll learn about each of these elements in this post.

Note: You should make sure you have all this handled before you go on a date or go out to a bar/club, because you never know when you’ll be bringing a girl back to your place. 

Now let’s talk about exactly how you can transform your apartment into a panty-dropping bachelor pad. 

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Element 1: Cleanliness


When it comes to hygiene and cleanliness, women probably notice more than you. And odds are, they won’t be comfortable in a messy, disorganized apartment. For some women, this is even a big turn off. So let’s talk about how to master the cleanliness element.

Make Your Bed

I don’t like making my bed. It’s annoying and I honestly don’t give a fuck. If I had it my way, I’d leave the sheets crumpled up, and I’d happily hop into bed just like that (sorry mom).

But whenever I suspect I might have a lady friend over, I always make my bed – and you should too.

Not only does it make your pad seem cleaner and feel more comfortable, but also a lot more enticing to hop in the bed.

Clean Your Room and Bathroom

When she excuses herself to your bathroom after walking in, she’s usually not just…you know…peeing.

She’s also subconsciously (or consciously, for some women) making note of the cleanliness. Is your toilet seat up? Are there shaving accessories and other stuff scattered across the counter?

Aim to make your bathroom as clean and as organized as possible – because women will judge you for it whether they verbally tell you or not.

The same goes for your bedroom. You shouldn’t have clothes strewn across the floor, shoes scattered around, etc. Your mom was onto something when she told you to clean your room when you were a kid.

Wash Your Dishes

Occasionally you’ll prepare drinks for your female guest. And for that, you’ll need to be in the kitchen. If you have dirty plates and glasses stacked up, it’s not a good sign.

Instead, make it a point to clean your dishes before women come over. For me, I clean my dishes after each meal. It makes it easier to manage – and I don’t have to stare down a big stack of dishes every night. I suggest you do the same.

Element 2: Comfort

She's digging those sheets...

She’s digging those sheets…

A woman’s level of comfort is a big factor as to whether or not she’ll sleep with you. So, the more comfortable your bachelor pad, the better you’ll be able to seduce her.

Get Comfortable Bedding

Your bed should be littered with comfortable pillows and a nicely designed, fluffy comforter. There are many types of mattresses out there, so that’s up to you and what you sleep best on. But the sheets add a big level of comfort to the bed – so make sure you have nice sheets and lots of pillows. A nice design doesn’t hurt either (I’d advise against all white sheets, because, well, you know…).

As a side note, you should also wash your bedsheets at least once a week – not once a month, like we’ve all probably been doing.

Have the Right Size Bed

Don’t have a fucking twin bed. At the absolute smallest, you should have a full-size bed. Overall, the bigger the better and King size is the most ideal.

Ideally, both of you will be able to lie down and stretch out on the bed.

What’s more, a bigger bed allows for more positions… if you catch my drift.

Element 3: Ambiance

When your ambiance game is on point...

When your ambiance game is on point…

Ambiance is absolutely crucial. I might even say it’s the most important element to your bachelor pad, and it’s especially important in the bedroom. The ambiance mainly consists of the lighting and music. Both of these things set the mood for the apartment and the bedroom.

Have a Music Speaker

You don’t need a fully equipped sound system, but you do at least need a speaker. I travel a lot, so I have a small portable speaker from JBL Go (You can check out the speaker here. It’s only like $40). It fits in the palm of my hand, and it’s plenty loud enough to play good music and set the mood.

If you’re not constantly on the road, you may want to invest in a slightly better speaker system with some bass. This helps set the mood as well.

The reason for the speaker (and the music itself) is that 1) it blocks out outside noise (which can be distracting and a mood-killer), and 2) it disengages the logical mind and makes you and the girl more present.

Have a Chill Playlist Ready

Your speaker system doesn’t matter if you play shitty music.

I fucked around for a long time trying to find a good hook-up playlist. I use Spotify, and there are tons of playlists available. For a while I used my own main playlist, but I have the occasional hilarious girly song in there, and it throws off the mood (don’t worry Atlannis Morissette – you still my girl though).

Earlier this year, I came across a much better playlist. It’s called “Chill Vibes.” It has tons of chill, laid back songs that are perfect for setting the mood and hooking up. Just search “Chill Vibes” on Spotify playlists and you can check it out. I suggest queuing this up right after you get home with a girl.

Warm Lighting

When you walk into your bedroom, it shouldn’t feel like you just stepped foot into Forever 21.

Warm lighting is the way to go. Most overhead lighting is too bright, so I suggest getting a lamp with some warmer light. Another alternative, though, is a laser or an LED disco ball.

Yes, you heard me right, and yes I use this.

You can set this up in the corner of your room, and turn it on when you’re hanging with a girl. The laser will light up across the ceiling and the wall, and create a cool, intimate atmosphere. It sets the mood immediately (it’s been tested).

For this, I use this LED Disco Ball. It’s never steered me wrong, and I highly recommend it (and yes, that’s also me dancing in that video and dragging that girl across the dance floor at the beginning :p …).

Element 4: Preparedness

They look ready...

They look prepared…

Here’s an element you might not have thought of, but trust me, it’s important. And you’re about to see why…

Have Your Condoms Ready

You’re about to have sex with her. She’s laying on your bed ready for you to give her an amazing experience. Excitedly, you get up to grab a condom. Unfortunately, you can’t remember where you put your stash. You search through a few drawers and closets and come up empty.

If this has ever happened to you, you know how much of a mood killer it is. And it sucks, especially because you can avoid it so easily.

That’s why you need to come prepared (no pun intended but intended).

You should have a condom in your wallet, as well as a designated drawer/place in your room where you put your condoms. If you want to be extra prepared, you can put a condom under each pillow too.

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, and especially if you’re drunk, it’s easy to be irresponsible and go in without a condom. But if you have condoms under the pillows, you can beat your monkey brain and avoid the condomless sex you’ll regret later.

Stock Up on Wine/Liquor/Beer

As a general rule, you should always be stocked up with:

  • 1 bottle of red wine
  • 1 bottle of liquor (vodka is a safe bet)
  • 1-2 mixers
  • 2 beers

There are two reasons for this. 1) You can use these as a way to bring her home (i.e. “Let’s head back to my place for a drink,” and 2) They help set the mood once you’re in your place.

The funny thing is, usually you won’t even finish a glass of wine/beer/drink before you start hooking up with her.

As a sidenote, you should offer her a glass of water along with a drink.


Follow these tips and you can turn your apartment into a panty-dropping bachelor pad. What’s more, women will feel comfortable there and want to spend more time with you.

Do you have any other bachelor pad tips/necessities that have helped you with women? Let us know in the comments below!

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