I used to be shy.

Before high school, I barely said a word to anyone. “Flirting” was like some magic idea I couldn’t wrap my head around.

And even in high school, when I started to open up more, the things I did say were just, well, kind of dumb.

I barely had any success with women.

But then, something changed. I had a realization that completely shifted the trajectory of my life…

…and transformed my success with women.

In the time since, I’ve forged down an unconventional path that’s led me to destroy my cubicle, travel the world, and meet amazing women along the way. 

I didn’t understand the power of the realization at the time, but looking back, it was the one of the most defining moments of my life. 

It really boiled down to ONE decision – a promise to myself. 

If you’re not getting the type of success you desire with women – or you’re just feeling “stuck” in life – this one decision can change everything. 

I break down exactly what I mean in the video below. Check it out!