What do women really want in a man? 

Looks? Money? Confidence?

Let’s not bullshit here – those things are part of the equation (and every man has the ability to improve all 3).

But even so, those things will only get you so far with women. They may get you in the door, but they’re not enough to keep high-quality women around for the long-term.

That’s because they’re surface-level qualities.

You can be a weak man and still look good, make money, and appear confident. But any high-quality girl will eventually poke holes in this outer facade and realize the truth. And once she does, she won’t stick around for long.

The outer qualities aren’t enough – what you need is a strong foundation…

And that strong foundation is made up of strong mindsets.

Here are just some of the things you can do when you have strong mindsets: 

  • Brush off “rejection” more easily and move on 
  • Be dominant instead of needy
  • Lead women the right way 
  • Take full responsibility for your life
  • Maintain relationships with high-quality girls

So today, I’ll give you 4 mindsets that make up that strong foundation.

Not only will these 4 mindsets help you attract women, but they’ll also help you keep high-quality girls around for the long-term (or, at least, until you want to let them go and move on).

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The 4 Casanova Mindsets That Attract Women:

1. “I am responsible for my life and my circumstances.”

If you don’t take control of your life, it’s impossible to get what you want.

Think back to your failures with women (we’ve all had them)… There was always a reason for your failure. Sometimes you had control, and sometimes it was out of your control. But you have to remove the blame from women and take full responsibility.

For example:

  • You’re on a date with a girl, and the conversation is going well. You start telling her about your proudest accomplishments and hinting at how much money you make. She smiles and nods, but doesn’t text you back after the date. Why would she want a man who feels the need to constantly impress her? She can sense the insecurity.
  • You’re sleeping with a girl and you start to become infatuated with her. You think about her all the time, and heap affection on her whenever you can. She seems happy at first, but quickly becomes more and more distant. Eventually, she backs off and asks for some time apart. Why would she want a man who makes a woman his main purpose?

These are situations where you’d be tempted to become bitter towards women. But instead, you need to manage your emotions, shift your perspective, and accept responsibility. By taking responsibility, you can focus on what you need to improve, instead of getting bitter.

Think of how this mindset will affect your interactions with women.

With it, you’ll understand that:

  • It’s your responsibility to make something happen with the girl
  • It’s your responsibility to lead the conversation in a positive way
  • And you’re responsible for the outcome of the interaction

Also, think about how this mindset can affect your life…

You see, most people live reactive lives. They are slaves to their circumstances, and they react to whatever life throws at them. But in order to be successful in any area, you must take success into your own hands. Realize that you have much more control over your circumstances and your life than you might think.

2. “I am enough. I don’t need the approval of anyone else to feel complete.”

Deadpool knows he’s “enough”

Deep down, most men believe they are inherently not “enough.”

They need other things to complete them, whether it be women, money, fame, etc. (or some combination of those).

They want to be respected by other men and desired by attractive women. This leads to needy behavior because they’re always trying to find the “missing piece.”

Here’s the thing: You will never find that missing piece. There will always be more to desire.

Once you score a date with the girl, you’ll want to bring her back to your place. Once you bring her to your place, you’ll want to have sex with her. Then, you’ll want to tell your friends about it and “show her off.” That will be nice and feel good, but the good feeling will wear off.

Soon, you’ll want more. You’ll want to experience this feeling of approval again, and you’ll need other women to fill the need. You’ll need to keep trying harder to impress your friends and your parents. The cycle will never end.

The solution? You must stop focusing on getting the approval of other people.

When you focus on getting approval, you live up to other people’s values. As you develop the mindset that “you are enough,” you start living up to your own values.

3. “Women are not my #1 priority. I have a mission and purpose outside of women.”

Keep moving forward…

Most men don’t know where they’re going. They’re so focused on making a living that they forget to actually live.

This purposeless existence is terrible for building a life, and terrible for dating as well.

You see, women are attracted to men with purpose; a driving goal, propelling them forward despite the obstacles. Men with purpose don’t depend on women’s approval.

Wha’s more, a man with purpose isn’t affected by a bad interaction or two.

Women know when they’re talking to men with purpose because these men have a different look in their eyes. They know where they’re going in a world where so many people are lost. They’re striving for something, instead of “going with the flow” and blowing in the fucking wind.

So, you need to have a mission in life outside of women. Otherwise, you will be too tempted to give up on your passions and your direction in life and focus completely on women.

4. “All women are attracted to me until proven otherwise.”

“Hey girl…”

Most women aren’t going to come straight out and tell you they like you.

This poses a problem for most guys, especially if you’re on the newer end of the spectrum.

You spend your time searching for signs that a woman is attracted to you (all while you don’t really understand how to read those signs).

The result? You move slower with women as you struggle to read the signs. And when you don’t get the signs you think you need, you avoid making a move.

In doing so, you miss opportunities to meet women you have chemistry with.

But there is a solution to this… You must assume attraction from all women until proven otherwise. And by “proven otherwise,” I mean until she literally walks always or flat out tells you she isn’t interested.

(Sidenote: Be smart about this. Obviously don’t cross the line and make women uncomfortable with unwanted physical advances. If she says no, then stop.)

Assuming attraction won’t make women magically fall all over you. If a girl isn’t interested in you, “assuming attraction” won’t be enough to flip her.

But if you approach them confidently, most women will be at least a little intrigued and open to you. By assuming attraction, you’ll filter out the women who wouldn’t have been into you anyway, and give yourself a much better chance of attracting the women who are at least open to you.

Wrapping Up the 4 Casanova Mindsets That Attract Women

With these 4 Casanova mindsets, you can build a strong foundation. And with that strong foundation, you can build fulfilling relationships, improve your life, and maximize your potential as a man.

To recap, here are the 4 Casanova mindsets that attract women: 

1. “I am responsible for my life and my circumstances.”
2. “I am enough. I don’t need the approval of anyone else to feel complete.”
3. “Women are not my #1 priority. I have a mission and purpose outside of women.”
4. “All women are attracted to me until proven otherwise.”

As you internalize these mindsets, they’ll become second nature. They’ll influence the way you act around women, as well as the way you take on new challenges in your life. And they’ll certainly separate you from the scores of men who ignore these mindsets and crumble at the slightest sign that things aren’t going their way.

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