“Where do you want to be in two years?” Derek asked.

I gazed at the summer sunset, fidgeted with my Bud Light bottle, and racked my brain.

“I don’t know man. It’s confusing. Life, I mean. You think you’re set in one direction, and then, BOOM, you slam into a dead end. I want to change the world. I feel it in my gut. Something dying to be unleashed. But I just don’t know where to start.”

Derek paused for a second and gulped his beer. “You need focus, man. You need a marketable skill. That’s the first step. Build a freakin’ skill.”

I knew he was right. But that didn’t make it less scary.

It’s difficult to build a skill—it takes time and dedication. And there’s seldom an immediate payoff. Even at 23, I felt like I was running out of that elusive ‘time’ thing.

But another thought crept in. “A year from now, you’ll wish you started today.”

And that’s when it hit me.

If I start building a skill today, I can be an expert in 12 months.

The skill? It was a no brainer. I loved writing and selling, so I turned to copywriting. I handwrote sales letters every day, dug into copywriting books, and started a weekly copywriting mastermind group with five copywriters.

Great copy spreads ideas, adds value, and changes the world. It’s the fuel that powers dreams into reality.

And no, it’s not the legal kind. That’s copyrighting. Don’t worry, everybody gets it wrong.

That was 11 months ago. I was confused, and hating my job as a door-to-door marketer. The funny thing is, I still floundered around for another FOUR months. Crazy right? And then I finally quit that job and set out on the journey I’m on now.

Now, I’m a location-independent copywriter, set to move to a booming city in Vietnam…in just 17 days.

I’ll be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs, all pushing each other to be successful every day. I’ll also have a chef to cook me 2 meals a day, 6 days a week–because the cost of living is extremely cheap. And yet, Saigon is one of the most populated and vibrant cities in the world.

It’s been a crazy shift, and the fact that I’m moving around the world hasn’t set in yet. But fuck it, let’s see what happens.

Here’s the thing: you can do SO much in a year. You can literally change your life, and surround yourself with completely different circumstances… 

…or you can stay where you are, keep doing what you’re doing, and remain dissatisfied, distracted, and just ‘bleh’.

And in two years? Hell, there are no limits. If you focus on something, and fight for it with pig-headed determination, you can achieve it.

But you’re going to need to cut out the poison drips –the things that add value to you in the (very) short-term, but gradually destroy you in the long-term (without you even noticing).

The girlfriend who nags you about working too much; the friend you enjoy hanging out with, but who knocks you down every time you try to improve your life; the OKAY job that saps your energy; the fast food that diminishes your health; the Netflix marathons…

Be ruthless with your time. If somebody takes more away from you than they add, cut them out of your life. Don’t play favorites. Because these people will undermine you on every step towards success…even if they don’t mean to.

Where do you want to be in a year? Two years? Five?

I still don’t have it all mapped out yet…but I’ve already set myself up for some ridiculous adventures, amazing relationships, prosperous opportunities, and a life of freedom.

And you can do the same. It took me 4 months to start hitting my stride–maybe you can do it in less…

…and change the trajectory of your life too. Because if you’re not living this life as a gigantic adventure, you’re doing it wrong.

Boredom is for suckers.