Were you satisfied with your dating life in 2016?

If not, why not? What could have gone better?

More importantly, what are you going to do to improve your results in 2017?

A lot of guys aren’t 100% satisfied with their dating life. That’s why they read blogs like this one.

However, the majority of guys don’t do much to change their results. They read a few things here and there, but they take very little action. And so, their dating life looks the same year after year, with the same average (or below-average) results.

Fuck that, though. We both know you don’t want an average dating life. You want to meet and attract more high-quality girls in the New Year, and take your shit to the next level.

To do that, of course, you’ll need to take some serious action. Perhaps a post like this one is just the nudge you need to get started.

I’ll outline some resolutions for you – and if you follow through with them, I can promise you’ll see a drastic improvement in your dating life this year.

So, here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions to help you have a kick-ass dating life in 2017…

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1. Shut Up and Let Her Talk

I’ve had a few girls come to me with the same complaint:

I went on a date and the dude seemed cool at first, but he talked about himself the whole time! I barely even had a chance to speak!

Talking too much is troublesome for a few reasons…

It violates the law of least effort, and it also compromises your ability to connect with the girl.

The law of least effort is an unspoken social rule.The person who appears to exert the least amount of effort – while getting the largest amount of effort returned to him by others – comes across as the most socially powerful (whether or not he actual holds more social power in the given situation).

When you constantly go on and on about yourself, you appear to exert a lot of effort. The girl starts to wonder, “Why is this guy trying so hard right now? What is he hiding?” and infers that you’re probably not all that cool – or attractive – after all. If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “He’s a try-hard,” that’s what this refers to.

Beyond violating this unspoken social law, it also ruins the connection.

You see, the more she shares with you about herself, the more connected she’ll feel to you. (That is, if you’re using the right emotional conversation topics that make it easy to connect with her.)

If you’re talking 90% of the time, you don’t give her that opportunity. The result is she feels little connection to you, and also (probably) feels like you’re trying to impress her.

So, shut up and let her talk in 2017!

2. Stop Wasting Time (And Making Excuses) When You Go Out

We’ve all been there.

You walk into the bar, then head over to buy a drink with your buddies. You notice a few girls you’d like to talk to, but tell yourself, “It’s cool, I’ll go talk to them later.”

As the night progresses, you continue to find excuses not to talk to the girls you want to talk to.

“The music is too loud,” “That guy looks like he could be her boyfriend,” “Actually, she’s not just my type.”

We both know these excuses are bullshit and you’re just wasting time.

But let’s be real: What the fuck are you waiting for? Before you know it, you’re 5-6 drinks deep, have barely made eye contact with a girl all night, and are ready for a late night pizza to fill the void.

Don’t let your nights go to waste like this in 2017. Instead, focus on building social momentum right from the beginning.

That way, you get a social rhythm going right away and it becomes easy to approach the girls you want to talk to.

And all those other chumps who wasted their night will look on with jealousy as you take home the girl they wanted.

3. Develop a Little Rhythm

Do you feel lost on the dance floor? You’re not alone – a lot of guys do.

So, if you can develop just a little rhythm, you’ll automatically stand out.

I was more or less forced to develop some rhythm on the dance floor, seeing as I’ve lived in Latino countries for most of the past 2 years.

Since I’ve developed more rhythm, here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • I’m more comfortable on the dance floor.
  • It’s much easier to 1) have a good time and 2) attract women on the dance floor.
  • I’ve gotten better in bed.

Rhythm is something you can learn (no matter how rhythm-less you may feel right now).

To do so, you can take some beginning salsa classes or bachata classes. At the very least, you should watch some dance lesson videos.

(Note: If you feel too embarrassed to “break it down” on the dance floor, it’s probably time to subdue your ego and ride the bull already!)

4. Watch Out for Her Red Flags

Women with red flags are usually trouble. They may be fun at first, but the longer you stay with them, the more these red flags will undermine the relationship (and drive you crazy). I’ve seen far too many guys either overlook these red flags, or notice them and try to make it work anyway (it rarely ends well).

So you should learn how to spot these red flags early on, and be prepared to dip out if need be.

I’ll do a more in-depth on this topic soon. But for now, here are some red flags to look out for in women:

  • Selfies make up the majority of her Instagram photos. These girls are the worst, and we all know it. It’s validation-seeking at its finest.
  • She has no real passions. I’ve talked to a few girls who told me their passion was “watching movies”. Those girls did not get a second date.
  • She plays the victim. She blames everyone and everything else for her problems, and never takes responsibility for her own life.

Just remember: you can’t fix crazy. Watch out for her red flags in 2017, and save your time (and your sanity).

5. Get Better at Sex

Let’s be honest for a second here…

If you want to keep a girl around, the best way to do it is to be great at sex.

What’s more, if you improve your game and sleep with more women, but still just end up having mediocre sex, you won’t be satisfied with your dating life.

So many guys don’t know how to fuck a girl like she really wants to be fucked. I hear it from women all the time. So when you can give it to her the right way in bed, she won’t soon forget you.

Here are some quick tips to get better at sex in 2017:

  • Read this post by my friend Christian McQueen about how to fuck her like a pornstar.
  • Start a daily 10-minute meditation habit. I had problems in the past with lasting long in bed, but since I started this habit a few years ago, I’ve had full control. When you can control your breath and your thoughts (which meditation trains you to do), sex becomes a lot easier.
  • Learn how to lead women. This will turn her on psychologically, and also train you to lead her in the bedroom, which she’ll love.

Bonus Resolution: Read Conversation Casanova

As you may or may not know, I wrote a book in 2016 called Conversation Casanova: How to Effortlessly Start Conversations and Flirt Like a Pro.

It’s a proven system for effortlessly starting conversations, flirting & connecting with women, and leading conversations to sex.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vet, this book will help you take your conversations to the next level in 2017.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn inside:

  • How to tell a kick-ass story that hooks her in
  • How to flirt with (and without) your words
  • 5 fool-proof ways to start a conversation with any girl

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A sub-par dating life in 2017 doesn’t have to transfer to 2017. Instead, you can make it your best year yet for dating. You can finally attract the women you want, go on more dates, and learn how to have amazing conversations with women.

However, you need to make it the year of taking action. You can start with these New Year’s resolutions.