We’ve all had awkward first dates.

Sometimes, it feels like you just can’t break through and connect with the girl. You’re stuck in small talk and can’t get out.

But there ARE ways you can “escape” small talk and start connecting. A big part of that is asking the right questions.

So, here are 7 questions to ask a girl the next time you have a first date.

These questions will help you open up the conversation, learn about her, and give you a chance to listen and relate back.

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1. What are you passionate about?

This question reveals a lot about the type of person she is – and you’ll often find that girls light up when you ask them.

Everybody loves talking about their passions. When you show that you’re interested in her passions, she’ll usually reciprocate and ask you about yours. The result is a fun conversation that allows you to dive deeper and get to know her.

2. What do you find sexiest in a guy?

I got this one from buddy Nick Notas when he came on my podcast – and I’ve used it ever since. In fact, it’s one of my favorite questions to ask a girl. I usually ask it a half hour to an hour or so into the date. If I really feel like the vibe isn’t there, sometimes I’ll break it out sooner.

“Now that we’ve talked about all the ‘normal stuff’, let’s make things exciting. What’s do you find sexiest in a guy?”

This works well because it gets her to look at you through a more sexual lens. Maybe she hadn’t really thought about in a sexual way yet – but this question can certainly make things interesting.

3. What’s your dream job?

This question gives you a better idea of who she is and what her future plans are. Is she ambitious? Driven?

It can also lead to a meaningful discussion for her – and you build trust with her as she confides with you.

4. What’s one thing I wouldn’t guess about you?

This is one of my favorites. It gets her to open up a little more and tell you something she probably doesn’t tell a lot of people, and in return you can tell her something surprising and interesting about you.

As a result, you both become a little more invested in the date and in each other. Plus, it makes for a fun conversation topic.

5. If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?

Most people like the idea of traveling somewhere interesting in the world. This question gets her in the adventurous spirit, which is good for you. She’ll be to having adventures with you on the date, and afterward.

6. Tell me about your most ridiculous adventure

This one also gets her in an adventurous state of mind. Have a fun adventure of your own in mind before you ask this one.

For this one, I usually choose an adventure based on how ridiculous her’s is. That way, she can relate more easily and I appear attainable.

7. What kind of things make you laugh the hardest?

This question gets her in a fun mood – after all she’s thinking about things she finds hilarious. It’s a great question, especially when the interaction seems a little too serious and you want to lighten the mood.

Wrapping Up Questions to Ask a Girl on a First Date…

First dates don’t need to be difficult or awkward. When you know the right questions to ask a girl, you make them fun, interesting, and even get her attracted.

The next time you go on a date, keep these questions in mind. You don’t need to ask them all – but by asking a few at the right times, you can move the date forward, connect with her better, and make things more sexual.

What are your favorite questions to ask a girl on a date? Let me know in the comments below!

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