If you want an edge over other guys, you’ve got to get good at banter.

When you’re good at banter, you’ll be able to flirt with any girl…

…and turn your interactions sexual FAST.

The problem is, most guys get banter wrong. They end up offending the girl or making themselves seem like assholes.

So, if you can do it with any skill at all, you’re going to stand out and it’s going to help you get laid more. Simple as that.

I speak from experience, as my banter skills have helped me bed girls incredibly quickly over and over again.

And today, I show you exactly how to do it well.

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And here’s the TL;DW:

1. Understand What Good Banter Is 

A lot of guys do banter WRONG, and they end up insulting the girl or just seeming like douchebags.

When bantering, you want to keep it light and fun – NOT aggressive and competitive.

Instead, it’s better to build her up and joke about doing things together.

You also wanna make sure you don’t overdo it, otherwise you’ll seem like a clown.

Instead, use it in moderation to lighten the mood, add some unexpected humor, and bring some flirtiness.

Drop in a little banter here and there, and then get back to normal conversation.

2. Feed Your Brain

If you wanna be good at banter, you’ve gotta be mentally sharp.

That’s gonna allow you to think quickly, and give you the mental awareness that good banter requires.

Now to make yourself as mentally sharp as possible, I recommend taking a good Krill oil.

Krill oil is packed with omega 3 fatty acids, EPA, and DHA, which are essential to brain health. They’ve been proven to support healthy memory, mental cognition, and emotional well-being – all of which are important to good banter and great game with women.

Plus Krill Oil has been shown to be 48x more potent than fish oil, so there’s really no competition there.

Now, I’ve taken lots of different fish oils and krill oils, but by far my favorite is Krill Oil by Transparent labs.

I take it every single day, and not only does it help me think more clearly and improve my mood and social skills – it’s also helped me to recover from my concussion symptoms I’ve been dealing with for months.

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3. Freestyle Rap with Word Association

Yes, rapping.

A lot of guys wonder how I can be so witty with my banter – it’s because I love to freestyle rap.

You don’t have to be Eminem in 8 Mile to freestyle.

And it can help a lot with banter, because it forces you to think on your feet. It builds that witty muscle.

The best way to do this is with word association.

Basically, pick a word and force yourself to rap a few lines about it off the top of your head.

You can do this with a friend, or find a random list of words and do it yourself.

It doesn’t have to make sense, let yourself screw up, it’s more fun.

If you do this for a few minutes a day, your banter will improve.

And, you’ll have a fun party skill.

4. What Stand Up Comedy

Watching comedians is great for building your banter.

Especially comedians who mess with the crowd and also have good one liners.

I recommend checking out clips by Steven Wright, because he has amazing one liners, and these will help you with your word association and wit.

And clips by Lisa Lampanelli and Don Rickles, because they know how to tease a crowd.

5. Take an Improv Class

Improv forces you to think on your feet in different situations.

Most big cities have offer improv classes, so do some research and consider taking one in your area.

Wrapping Up How to Banter and Flirt With Sexy Girls…

Bantering is an amazing skill to have – if you can get it right, it’ll dramatically improve your game, and you’ll be able to flirt a lot easier with girls.

I use it all the time in different situations, and I can promise you it’s a game changer.

Use these hacks to improve your banter skills, and you can thank me later!