A lot of guys do creepy stuff without realizing it. i used to think I was a cool dude in college, but a lot of girls knew me as the creepy guy until I figured out what i was doing wrong.

In this video, I highlight the behaviors that women think are creepy, and how to avoid/fix them.

These are things I’ve corrected in my own behavior, and they’ve made a huge difference.

Here is the video:


1. Over-complimenting (instead of dishing out lots of cliche comments, pick and choose when you give compliments, and be specific with them)

2. Staring, but not approaching (If a girl notices you checking her out, then go up and approach her)

3. Too much eye contact (Make eye contact most of the time, but have it be relaxed and don’t get overly intense with it. It’s also okay to take breaks. You don’t need to look in her eyes the whole time)

4. Lack of social calibration (i.e. not reading social cues and social situations the right way. Practice being more aware of cues and present in the moment – this is something you gradually improve with over time)

5. Being overly sexual (For the most part, you should avoid talking explicitly about sex with a girl until you’ve actually had sex with her. Otherwise it ruins the mystery and makes her feel slutty about going home with you )

6. Crowding her space (Don’t get all up in her bubble right away – give her some room to breathe)

7. Not driving the conversation (don’t just say hi – take control and lead the conversation)

Hope this helps you guys. I go over stories and examples in the video for further clarification.

If you have any other creepy behavior you feel should be included, drop it in the comments below!