I’ve been lucky enough to live in four different countries (soon to be 5)…

(Vietnam, Colombia, Spain, the USA, and in 1 week – Mexico.)

These adventures have led to some life-changing relationships, connections, realizations, and fresh perspectives.

But one of the most fun parts has been meeting and dating foreign women. For me, it’s one of the best ways to experience and learn a new culture. Plus, it’s just a flat out good time…

But meeting and attracting foreign women isn’t always the “piece of cake” everyone makes it out to be. 

(Most guys just assume foreign women want Americans just because they’re Americans, but that’s not usually the case – and this assumption can hinder your success.)

That being said, if you do the right things, you can sleep with some of the hottest women of your life while abroad.

My buddy Kyle from ThisIsTrouble has done a lot of traveling as well – and he knows the ins and outs of meeting women abroad. 

So when Kyle approached me in hopes of writing a guest post on this subject, I was excited.

In this post, Kyle lays out the step-by-step process for meeting and attracting women while abroad…

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Take it away Kyle…

It’s not easy to make the first trip. But once you do, and start meeting beautiful foreign women, you’ll be hooked.

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll assume that you have somewhere between 10-20 days in this new location to explore the city, probably drink a bit too much, and of course – meet a stunning foreign girl explore the city with, and to cook you breakfast in the morning.

Trust me, they will. It’s not America anymore.

Here are the tips I have to make your first trip abroad a smashing success…absolutely no pun intended.

Plan It Properly 

Let’s say you get two weeks of vacation a year, ten total days.

Depending where you’re going, and the length of the flight, you should position your departure and return dates accordingly.

For example, if you’re from California and you’re going to Europe, you should aim to take a Wednesday red-eye flight out of the West coast. This would put you in Europe by Thursday night, when the parties start to roll.

Then, you would return about eleven days later on a Sunday.

This means that you only would use 7 total vacation days, but you’d get more than ten full days in the foreign city.

If you can time it with a holiday where you have a Monday off, like Memorial Day – even better. This assumes it doesn’t clash with the schedules and holidays in the foreign country (see below).

In a perfect world, you could land at about 8 or 9pm in your new country (local time), and head to the bars and clubs at 11pm or midnight. Stay up all night, sleep in the morning, and you’ll have adjusted to your new schedule just like that. Let’s face it, a trip like this has a lot of long and crazy nights, so it’s best to just get right on to that schedule.

On the return from Europe to the United States, you are gaining time. Leaving Sunday mid-day would get you back to California by Sunday night, at 8 or 9pm — depending on connections. Go straight home from the airport, and straight to sleep – and you’ll adjust straight back. You’re now probably going to be hooked on travel, so deal with going to work exhausted on Monday so you can save that vacation day for the next trip.

Check Their Schedules 

I’m writing this from Kyiv, Ukraine.

The first week I was here was their Easter holiday. Nearly half of the city was out of town in their small villages. It wasn’t a huge deal because I am living here for an entire month, but if I’d only had a two week trip I would have been absolutely shit-outta-luck.

Plan carefully around the holidays for your individual country you want to travel to.

In addition, make sure you check the calendars of the universities. You do not want to time a trip when the girls are all in their final exams, or on summer vacation. It would suck to show up to a college a week after finals when literally all of the hot young girls have left.

Get an Apartment 

My AirBnB in Medellin, Colombia last year

Dave: My AirBnB in Medellin, Colombia last year

Never, ever get a hotel.

It’s far easier to be labeled as a sex tourist if you’re staying at a hotel.

(Note from Dave: In several countries I’ve been to [especially Colombia], many people assume American guys are there to 1) fuck hookers [i.e. sex tourism], 2) do drugs, and 3) be obnoxious. Be aware of these stereotypes and do things to separate yourself from them, like what Kyle mentions here.)

An apartment gives off a local vibe. And assuming you are from America and traveling abroad to a poorer country (nothing wrong with that — why on Earth would you take a trip to Switzerland and pay $20 for a bottle of water — true story for me), you being a sex tourist will be a concern for some girls.

You can alleviate almost all of that concern by having a central and modern apartment.

(Note from Dave: In pretty much every big city, you can easily get an affordable room and/or whole apartment through AirBnb. As a bonus, most people give $300-$400 discounts if you stay for a month or more. You can also check expat groups for the city on Facebook, as they’ll usually have housing info as well. For example, I found a sick 2 bedroom apartment on the beaches of Mexico for $1300/month on AirBnB [i.e. $650/person].  

Bonus: You can use this link to save $25 on your first AirBnB booking.

Where to Go

Finding the right country for your first “game” trip is a combination of the following things:

1.) The girls you’re after

Do you like Asians, Latinas, or do you like the Slavic look of the Eastern European girls?

2.) The quality of life in the country

If you go to a shithole city – well, you won’t find much else to do. Your entire trip will be sitting around in the apartment hoping to get dates. Go somewhere with some culture and interesting sights to see, so you can enjoy your trip in ways other than just going after girls.

3.) Cost

Obvious – go somewhere you can have fun with no worries. Nothing is better than walking into the top club in the city and paying $50 to get a bottle and the top table for the night.

Build a Pipeline 

Don’t get me wrong, you should still plan to approach girls in person once you touch down.

Don’t let Tinder ruin your game.


Let’s think about things realistically here.

You are going to a new country and city, most likely you know no one, do not speak the language, and your knowledge of the city at best means that you can figure out which metro stop to get off at for your apartment.

It’s a good idea to have a few girls who are curious about you, who are willing to show you around, and are probably willing to have drinks (and potentially sex) with you.

Even if they just are curious about you because you’re an American – making a new friend isn’t a bad thing in this situation. You are alone in a brand-new country, and you need to keep yourself sociable so you don’t just end up bunkered down in your apartment.

It’s not uncommon for one of these online girls to be willing to meet you at the airport, too. So take her up on it!

(Note from Dave: obviously be cautious here. Don’t get yourself in a “Taken” type of situation.) 

As far as the actual sites to use – Tinder is growing everywhere in the world now, but you will likely find some success on some more “niche” sites for that country.

OkCupid is not big anywhere but in the United States, but things like ColombianCupid, UkraineDate, etc. are all goldmines for girls who are actually looking to date; sometimes the Tinder ones are very adamant about just wanting to meet you and make friends.

Almost every country has a site like this, so do the necessary recon work and figure out which is the best to join. You might have to pay $20 for a full month, but it’s well worth it.

As for the timing – start ten to fourteen days before you depart. This is far enough away to get a lot of leads, but short enough that you can stay fresh in their mind.

(Note from Dave: Want to get more girls through online dating? Click here to get 7 tips for a better online dating profile.)

Here are some quick tips for using Tinder abroad: 

  • You don’t need to get too fancy with an opener. A simple “Hello” with a smiley face will work just fine.
  • Be prepared to answer why you’re in the country, or her city. 
  • Don’t wait too long to close the deal–most of the time you can get their numbers after just ten or so messages, if that. Make sure you get the right number (see section below about getting a local SIM).
  • Once you’ve got the number, just run some basic chit-chat until you arrive. Send her some cool photos of you traveling or of your home in America so she can tell that you’re a normal person.
  • When you arrive, you can set it up in two ways:
    • 1.) You can tell her you need a tour guide of her city, and that you pick her. While it will take longer to get to sex and it may not be something you’re interested in, this can be fun. Most likely she can show you some off-the-beaten-path things, and many foreign girls are simply far more interesting to talk to than their Western counterparts.
    • 2.) Just tell her you want to meet for a drink as you normally would in America. If this is the case, lead, lead, lead. Pick the bar and time and just run a normal date model.

It’s important to note that in some countries or regions (I’m looking at you, Eastern Europe and Colombia), a 2 or 3 date model is far more effective than pushing for the gold on the first date. It’s also good to note that unlike in America, girls will be very interested in you after just one date. If you don’t have sex with them on the first date they WILL see you again and you CAN see them every other day, even before you have sex.

Daygame or Nightgame: Pick 1

how to meet women abroad

Otherwise, I promise you will burn out.

It’s just not sustainable to go chase girls around the street all day, and then go out at night to do the same. You will exhaust yourself by the end of the trip – and even if you say, “Well, it’s only ten days!” – I can promise you that your energy level is going to show through to the girls.

Keep in mind that a ten day trip might not be enough time to close a daygame girl. It certainly can be done, and you could even end up sleeping with her that day – but your chances for a one night stand are generally going to be better for night game.

Play to your strengths and take the culture and values of the women into account, too (meaning if they have a reputation for being on the promiscuous side, then perhaps nightgame is the better option).

Get an Unlocked Phone and Sim

She can't text you if you don't have a sim card...

She can’t text you if you don’t have a sim card…

Dating and meeting up is sometimes a lot less formal of a process than it is in America. It’s pretty common for you to just pitch a girl to go for a walk or a quick coffee, and they may be down to meet that afternoon or evening – within a few hours.

Whereas with American girls, sometimes I’m about ready to hire a lawyer to negotiate a place and time to meet.

Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to have service everywhere you go. If your phone is locked, get it unlocked or buy a cheap unlocked smartphone (an older Android model works great for this) for $100 or so. Once you touch down in the new country, pick up a SIM card at the airport or at any grocery store or mini mart.

In most places, you buy the SIM card for $3-5 and then load $5-10 of credit on to it (usually 3-5GB is what you get for that price), and that’s it! Stick the new SIM in and you’re set. In the event you run out of data, you can buy a refill card at the same places – but it’s not likely you will. Just turn off cellular data for all apps except Tinder and messaging apps.

Speaking of those…

Learn the Local Way to Message

Very rare is it that I use actual SMS or iMessage to text girls. They almost all use Whatsapp or Viber. In Asia, I believe Line is popular. Facebook Messenger is popular everywhere too.

Just get familiar with the methods used to text so that you can be smooth when you start meeting girls in person.

Also, make sure you understand how the country codes work.

For example, the United States is country code +1.

You should set up your Whatsapp or Viber account with your permanent American number, but when you get a foreign SIM card your number will change.

My Whatsapp and Viber are linked to my longtime American number, but then in Ukraine, I have a +380 phone number (their country code).

I can use this to SMS girls if they live in the stone age, or to make calls.

It’s not difficult at all, but essential to just know these basics.

(Note from Dave: This is important. Make sure you put the right country code in when you get her number, or you won’t be able to text her.) 

Don’t Fap, and Don’t Give Up 

Sometimes a game trip works in your favor: you get a little bit of luck on your side and you meet an awesome girl the first night.

But sooner or later, if you’re running out of time and haven’t gotten a girl – the pressure starts to feel a little heavier…

It’s important not to fap (i.e. jerk off). I wouldn’t do it for at least five days before you leave for the trip.

This will give you more motivation.

Also remember to never give up.

Persistence and dedication will reward you.

And most of all, have fun with it. Experience the culture. Learn about yourself. Become a better man.

This has been a guest contribution from Kyle of This is Trouble. Kyle is a 24-year-old former wage slave engineer who left that life behind for the greener pastures of Eastern Europe. His only regret is not doing it sooner. He blogs about the journey and being the best man you can at This Is Trouble.