It’s been a long and shitty week for everybody in the Boston area, and really for everybody in America.

Shock, devastation, fear, terror, disbelief, tragedy. Some words that can describe this week.

Bombs, explosions, sinkholes, shootouts. A lot of shit going down.

Random thought: I’ve been watching more 24 hour news stations this week than I have in a long time. Viewing a combination of CNBC, MSNBC, FOX News, and CNN for over an hour can make any sane person question the future of the human race. It’s like watching reruns of the same boring sitcom episode 20 times in a row.

I think I’ve developed a genuine hatred for all of the correspondents (except for Anderson Cooper- dude is the man).

But yeah. It’s been weird. I’m thankful that everybody I know is okay, because for many people, that just isn’t the case.

This 19 year old dude obviously fucked up BIG TIME. This is like getting 5 police stars in the Grand Theft Auto video game, except it’s in real life.

With that being said, let’s get on with the purpose of this post.

Much has changed for me in the past 3 months. I’ve been successful with my job, saving some money and having fun. Girls have become slightly less of a focus for me. The funny thing is, I’ve actually met more girls since my focus has shifted.

As a result, I’ve been feeling more abundant in many areas of my life. Mainly, women and money.

Fuck bitches, get money, paraphrasing the words of the late great Ben Franklin (…I think?).

This has led to something astonishing: I don’t put up with bullshit anymore. I thought I cut the bullshit before, but this is on a whole different level.

AKA I have stronger boundaries. You need to have boundaries or people will walk all over you. hit em up

There has to be a point where you draw a line in the sand and tell people to back the fuck up before they get smacked the fuck up (or you’ll fuck their wife or something like that #2pac).

Now, if a girl crosses my line in the sand, I have no problem standing my ground. “Goodbye forever” is a phrase I’ve uttered more than a few times. I know, I know, so cold.

But I have a few deal breakers that will basically make you fall off the face of my planet.

My mindset is that I like where my life is going. I’m willing to welcome anybody who wants to hop along for the ride.

But if you’re going to waste my time, I’ll kick you off the train without so much as a second thought.

My biggest deal breaker? Flakiness.

I’m more up front than Rosa Parks on a segregated bus.Time is important to me, and if I want to see you, I’ll make it clear.

But there is nothing more aggravating than flakiness and indecisiveness.

Truth be told, I probably enjoy hanging out with you. But just because I enjoy your company and we have crazy…times,  doesn’t mean I necessarily care whether or not I see you.

I understand people are busy. But if there is a night we are both free, and there is mutual agreement that we want to see each other, and I try to make a plan, don’t give me some bullshit answer.

“Maybe?” Sure, I’ll just wait around all week and not make any Thursday night plans in the hopes that you can hang out.

Oh wait, no I won’t do that because I’d rather be dead.  Get real.

If you’re going to do that once, even twice, I may let it slide. But if it’s like that every time, you’re done in this town. Goodbye forever.

You’re pathetic. Nothing more than the girl who cried wolf.Crying_Wolf_by_Rezai

And if we do have plans, but something comes up and you need to cancel, give me a legitimate excuse.

The other night I got a text that said “Ummm. Prob not happenin’ ” in regards to plans.

Cool. Chances I ever make a sincere effort to see this girl again? Prob not happenin’.

I have no desperation left in me. I hang out with girls who I legitimately enjoy spending time with. Girls who enrich my life. Flaky, indecisive girls do nothing but get me frustrated.

If a girl is constantly flaky, she is wasting my time. As a result, she is not worth my time. Goodbye forever.

The only thing separating me from finding another girl who I like hanging out with just as much, if not more than you, is one weekend.

Which is why I have no patience for girls that try to dick me around.

If you’re honest and genuine with me, we can have a lot of fun together. It can be an enriching relationship for both of us.

What’s your biggest deal breaker? Where is your line in the sand? Do you stand your ground when somebody tries to cross it? Tell us in the comments below!