This is part 2 of NYC Adventures and the Legend of Pete. For part 1, click Here.

It’s 6:30pm and we’ve finally reached our destination in West New York, New Jersey, about 15 minutes outside of NYC. The ride was longer than expected thanks to Steve’s faulty phone GPS. I knew I should’ve brought my Garmin, but the unexpected detour over the $6, 3 mile long toll bridge did provide a great view and only set us back $12 and about a half hour.

We arrive at the DJ’s apartment and get settled. Pete calls the bean bag almost immediately. Okay bro, I’ll take the couch for later tonight. Easily the much more comfortable option. He’s obviously a rookie at crashing in completely random places, while I am clearly a seasoned veteran. I even have a blanket and pillow in my trunk at all times so I’m always prepared.

After relaxing for a bit and sorting out some disputes between the venue and the DJ, Steve, Pete, and I head to the city. Steve is pissed because his DJ isn’t going on until 3am. Damn.

The bus stop is conveniently right at the end of the street. Good logistics for later. We hop on the bus and head over to Port Authority. On the way, Pete informs me of his slight alcohol problem.

I’m a little surprised because I don’t expect this from such a shy, video-game-playing dude. He explains that this is one of the reasons he wanted to drive. Apparently he’s the guy who always gets lost and he didn’t want to get abandoned in some random New Jersey town. This should be interesting.

Our bus arrives in New York City at 7:30pm and we walk towards Times Square. We are on a mission to find the restaurant that I ate at the last time I was in NYC.

As we’re walking, I see this really cute foreign-looking girl. Probably European. Of course, I go talk to her even though I’m borderline shivering and chattering my teeth from the cold (notice how I only make statements).

Me: Nice hat.
EuroHatGirl: Thank you! I just bought it.
Me: Wow, this is like the best purchase of your life. Getting immediate validation right after you buy the hat. I feel so used right now.
EuroHatGirl: *laughs*
Me: You must be an Au Pair. I meet them everywhere out here.
EuroHatGirl: I’m actually a professional dancer. Hip hop, ballet, jazz, ballroom, that kind of stuff.
Me: This is great news. I actually need a back-up dancer AND I’ve been trying to get some ballet lessons. Let’s team up and take over the world.
EuroHatGirl: *Laughs* Okay!

We reach the corner and realize we are heading in different directions. There’s just about 0% chance I’ll ever see her again even if I get her number, so I give her a big hug and tell her she’s cute and I’ll love her forever, and we part ways.

Pete’s never really approached a random girl before so he’s a little shocked. He marvels at the “nice hat” line and we continue on toward the restaurant.

We get to the restaurant and I realize I hate it, so we hit up a different one instead. Pete tells me and Steve that he wants to try an approach tonight. We laugh. This is going to be fun. Here is how the rest of the night unfolded:

9:30pm: After a few mishaps on the subway system, we arrive in the club district near our final destination (Webster Hall). We walk around a bit and decide to start drinking. Steve has a Vitamin water bottle filled with vodka, and we start taking shots. This feels like prom night. I take a few swigs and we head over to a nearby bar.

10:00pm: We arrive at a random bar. I immediately see a girl I know from college and walk over to catch up. So random. I introduce Steve to her and her friend and Pete stays back.

Apparently, random people have been leaving their pitchers on their table all night. The girls pour us a few cups of free beer. Win. Good way to start the night.

10:15pm: Steve gets bored and starts talking to the girls at the next table. Pete comes in and I introduce him. He holds his own in a conversation fairly well for somebody who isn’t comfortable in a bar environment. Not a bad wingman.

10:30pm: Steve comes back over and tells us it’s time to go. We say our goodbyes to the girls and head over to Webster Hall.

11:15pm: We arrive at Webster Hall. Free entry and free drinks because we’re on the guest list. I’m for it. I’ve been here once before and it’s pretty wild. It’s a three floor club with dubstep in the basement, hip-hop on the 1st floor, and house on the 2nd floor. The staircases look like they’re from the middle ages and the second floor staircase spirals around, so when you’re drunk, you feel like you’re ascending to the top of a castle.

I hit the coat check and it’s $6 dollars. Damn, should’ve just waited and tossed my coat behind the DJ.

Me: This is going to be epic.

Steve: Hell yes. We just have to make sure we don’t lose Pete. If all of us get lost, let’s meet at the corner of the basement stage.

Pete: Okay.

And so it begins…

Stay tuned For Part 3 of NYC Adventures and the Legend of Pete.