“I didn’t go in. I wanted to walk. Move. Digest. Ingest. There are moments in life, moments when you know you’ve crossed a bridge. You’re old life is over.” -Limitless

You know those “holy shit!!!” moments in life? The moments where you double-take, almost in disbelief that life can be THIS fucking good?

You know you’re never going back to your old life. You’re harnessing your potential and you know it.

I had one of those moments on Tuesday.

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs since I’ve started this blog. Quitting my job, scraping by as a broke freelance writer, and my mom’s illness.

So yeah, I guess quite a few downs.

But the past month has changed everything.

I’ve been at my new job for a month and a half. For the first month, I was an average, middle of the road marketer. Nothing special.

You make great money with great performance.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve hit my groove and made my way into the top 5 out of 60 guys. Out of nowhere.

Oh, and I’ve made more money over the past two weeks than I did in 2 months at my old job.

My job is basically game. I close people and I fucking love it.

I learn and relearn the value of persistence every day. Constantly put in uncomfortable situations and forced to stare down my fears and insecurities.

Let’s just say it’s been more interesting than my accounting job during the last tax season.

It’s not easy, but it is definitely rewarding.

And people are still wasting away in cubicles.

Don’t let your life become boring.

I also rented a house boat for the month of March with two of my friends. Two floors, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, and a five minute walk from Faneuil Hall.

The Boat

A fucking houseboat. Moved in Saturday. It’s elephant themed. And one of my roommates is ranked 2nd in the company. Killing it.

Oh, and my mom just left the hospital last week. She’s in a hotel room in Cleveland. Forty days ago she was all but gone, and today she left the hospital and will be coming home in less than a month.

Life is good right now.

But I still need to stay consistent in every area. If I start to lag, I can easily fall back to where I was a month ago.

Just wanted to give a quick update tonight. There are a lot of lessons from this month that I need to expand on. Look for some great stuff over the next month.

Stay tuned. Adventures will be documented. Videos will be included.

On a boat, motherf**ker.

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The transformation has begun.

Have you had your turning point yet? Are you working towards it? Or are you on an endless treadmill of bullshit, tiny paychecks, cubicles, and land houses?