The social hierarchy is the bread and butter of the college experience. It essentially determines all of your relationships in college- from friends to the girls you date. This can be a great thing depending on where you rank in that social hierarchy. There are certain components that tend to enhance your reputation. These include:

Good fraternity
Friends with jocks/fraternity guys
Hosting great parties
Active on campus (Orientation leader, mentor, club president, etc.)
Date Hot girls

            And certain components that tend to lower your reputation:

Bad fraternity
Labeled as “Creepy”
Try hard/neediness

These are just some examples but you get the idea. The more “Good” components(We’ll refer to this as “social proof”) you have, the better, and vice versa. An average (or even below-average) guy in the best fraternity usually has a better reputation than the coolest guy in a bad fraternity. The average guy with more social proof will have a better college lifestyle than the cool guy with less social proof. The result? The average guy will hang with hotter girls, get invited to better parties, and overall have more fun. It’s easier for a guy with more social proof to date the hottest girls in school while it’s nearly impossible for a guy with no social proof to do the same.


The social hierarchy in college is something that is built OVER TIME. Its foundation is laid out after the first few weeks of freshman year and variations are added to it over the following four years. If you solidify yourself as one of the “Social proofed” guys, you will find it EASY to consistently hook up with the hottest girls. However, if you find yourself in that medium range, it will reflect in your overall college experience and you will likely find it more difficult (but that’s okay, because as you will see, you can change all this FAST). Most guys find themselves in this medium range of limbo throughout college, so don’t beat yourself up over it.



How “Real Life” is DIFFERENT:

Let’s be clear on this: the idea of “social proof” IS important after college too- but it’s a little bit different. Regular bars are in a totally different spectrum than college bars.  For the most part, normal bars are filled with complete strangers. As a result, the social hierarchy is much more flexible and is built throughout the night. Whatever your status was in college, that NO LONGER matters. These girls have no idea how hard you partied at Delta Tau Chi (and they probably don’t care) or those touchdown records you set for your DII football squad (and don’t brag about this stuff because you’ll look like an idiot). The only thing that matters is RIGHT NOW. You are basically starting from scratch each night (but this is also a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY, and you’ll see why). This is why most guys (yes, EVEN the cool “social proofed” guys) have a lot of trouble after college. It’s a different atmosphere and many guys NEVER fully adjust to it. My goal is to teach you how to AVOID this problem- how to master the bar scene and make life your bitch instead of settling for less.