Hey man,

You ever wonder which countries are BEST to meet beautiful women?

I had the same thought…

I’ve traveled the world for the past 4 years, and today, I reveal the top countries for meeting beautiful women.

Check it out below:

These countries have a high percentage of beautiful women AND easy access to those women.

Don’t book your next vacation or trip until you watch this…

And here’s a quick recap:

7. Bangkok, Thailand – Cheap country, lot of Western influence, and very receptive girls. Just watch out for the ladyboys!

6. Kiev and Odessa, Ukraine – Some of the most beautiful women in the world are from here. Girls are open, fun, and inviting. Best place to live in Kiev is by Independence Square

5. Medellin, Colombia – Some of the sexiest Latina girls, and they care A LOT about their appearance. English level is low though, so try and learn some Spanish before you go.

4. Berlin, Germany – Super international city, sexy girls from all over Europe and fun nightlife. Just make sure to dress the right way or you won’t get in to the bars and clubs.

3. Taipei, Taiwan – Very Westernized city, fitness is popular, and the city is beautiful. The women are fun, lot of them speak English, and the nightlife is awesome. Stay near Taipei 101 if you go there – lot of nightlife and nature in the area.

2. USA – American draws the sexiest girls in the world, plus American girls themselves are fun, have great senses of humor, and are well-educated.

1. Mexico – Mexico City is my favorite city in the world. Mexican girls are super fun, receptive, and sexy. Plus, Mexico City draws in the sexiest Latinas because it offers so many acting and modeling opportunities. If you go, stay in Condesa, Roma Norta, or Polanco.