I’m not ready to end up anywhere. And definitely not ready to end up happily ever after.

I was watching Big Fish the other night. (It’s one of my favorite movies. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend it. Yeah that’s right, the PGC seal of approval.)

It revolves around a dying father recounting his life to his estranged son in a series of tall tales.

The flashbacks detail his many daring adventures. He rescues giants, tangles with witches, and eventually meets the love of his life.

Near the outset of his adventures, he stumbles upon Spectre, a seemingly ‘perfect’ place where nobody wears shoes. It’s beautiful, pleasant, and the perfect place to grow old, if such a place exists.

Spectre in “Big Fish”

“This town is more than any man could ask for. And if I were to end up here, I’d consider myself lucky. But the truth is, I’m not ready to end up anywhere.”

This struck a chord with me.

See, I’m still trying to figure this whole “life” thing out.

Us twenty-somethings tend to slip up quite a bit along the way. Some of us are in a rush to get married and start a family. Others are immersing themselves in a life-long career. Most of us are just trying to take it all in.

I think we’re doing it wrong.

We’re trying to end up somewhere before we begin the journey.

But where? I don’t fucking know what the rush is. Color me confused.

End up with our ‘soulmate’?

...Before Netflix?

…Before Netflix?

For a twenty-something, that usually means stumbling into a half-assed long-term relationship.

Instead of growing and enriching each other, we lose touch with our other friends and stop going out on weekends, in favor of netflix movie nights.

Dudes just completely losing their charisma and becoming boring shells of their former selves. Girls start nagging as a second language.

Count me out on that one. I think I’m just going to keep having crazy sex with cool girls.

End up in our careers?

Some people know exactly what they want to do and are taking the steps in order get there. Others are just stumbling around from job to job.

I know far too many people who endure mediocre desk jobs while just hoping something better comes along.

I’m still tussling with the idea of a career. It scares the shit out of me. To this day I’ve never had a job for more than 4 months. And I still hate the idea of corporate America. It’s a draining existence.

My next step is still unclear at this point.

End up somewhere?

You know those people you went to high school with, the people you see every time you go to a bar in your hometown? You ask them what they’ve been up to, and they have some shitty job at the local grocery story?

You better believe those people are ending up there. They’ll never really see what the world has to offer.


I’m a 22 year-old guy with commitment issues. An exclusive relationship any time within the next 5-6 years (maybe longer) seems completely unnecessary.

I’ll be signing a 3 month lease to live in Boston for the summer from June to August. I can’t even commit to living somewhere for more than 3 months.

So maybe it’s just me. Or maybe I’m on to something.

Truth is, I’m not ready to ‘end up’ anywhere. Not in any place, nor in anything, nor with anybody. The beauty of life lies in the journey.

And no matter how perfect something may seem, whether it be a career, relationship, or a place, this will ring true.

Because if you “end up”  somewhere too quickly, you’ll always ask yourself one question:

What if?

Life is a fucking journey. You have a world to travel and a million opportunities to seize.

Are you going to cut it short? For what? Netflix movie nights?

I want my life to be a constant journey. Literally and metaphorically. I’m still piecing together my vision and figuring it out as I go along.

“Big Fish” teaches us that the journey of life is far more important than the destination. The journey is the fun part. It’s where you learn, it’s how you sculpt your legacy.

My theory?

Enriching relationships + unforgettable experiences + creation of something you can be truly proud of= ingredients of a life worth living.

That’s what my journey encompasses.


What about yours?


Carpe Diem, bitches.