The product development process requires technical as well as marketing teams. Both teams should be managed and balanced well by supervisors. Supervisors cannot favor one group over the other and expect positive results. This is the very first step of the Stage-Gate Phase, in which the team members will dive deep into the conceptualization of the Fuzzy Front End phase. Then accordingly, they will come up with result-oriented ideas that can put forward the product development to the next level.

This will also help you better understand the value of a given stage, making it far easier to apply the same methodology to other products. Production costs tend to decline, costly mistakes in the manufacturing process can now be avoided. Even your marketing expenditure is likely more refined and effective at this stage. So, while you may not be growing in volume, you’re likely at your most profitable in this stage. Supporting manufacturing and design activities by developing prototypes for products in development.

Product Development meaning

It should include and engage as many stakeholders as possible to ensure all of their specific needs, requirements, and concerns are being considered . When you understand product development this way, you can see that it is not synonymous with product management, although many people mistakenly use the terms interchangeably. Indeed, product development does not refer to a single role at all. Before too much time is spent prototyping and design, whether the proposed solution is viable should be tested. Still, it is an early test to see whether the particular product idea is worth pursuing further or if it will be rejected or only lightly adopted by the target user.

Etc Meaning In Product Development

This involves turning the product development opportunity into a tangible and feasible concept. Masters who know how to implement the SCRUM process ensure the smooth operation and continually focus on the improvement of the process, and developing the product quality. This way, working on simple pieces helps in time management, enhances creativity. It helps the teams integrate the feedback of supervisors and make the necessary changes and create what is demanded as well as needed. If you do not want to face any infringement issues in the future, you need to check the intellectual property along with the patent issues of your future product. It would also be beneficial for you to analyze the marketing-related fundamental traits of your product.

Product Development meaning

In short, you need first to prioritize, summarise, and capture the main valid objectives of your product as well as the themes of the same, and then you cohesively manage all of these. Not every problem is problematic enough to warrant a product-based solution. However, the pain it causes and the number of people or organizations it impacts can determine whether it’s a worthy problem to solve and if people are willing to pay for a solution . Plan, fund, and grow your business Achieve your business funding goals with a proven plan format. This is a very broad example, and it fully depends on your target audience, the impact on your industry, etc. Just keep an eye on market trends and note any changes to ensure you’re prepared to adjust accordingly.

Importance Of Product Development

You fantasize, but do not tend to fall in and out of love easily. When in love, you are romantic, idealistic, mushy, and extremely intense. You enjoy having your senses and your feelings stimulated, titillated, and teased. You can make your relationships fit your dreams, oftentimes all in your own head. Please also find ETC meaning for Product Development in other sources.

  • Business analysis is a combination of marketing research, cost benefit analysis and profitability analysis.
  • Other firms like to diversify their product phase and thus indulge in product development every other quarter.
  • Similarly, a bottle of water quenches thirst and a watch keeps time.
  • When new products, those are new to the company but already exist in the market through other companies are launched by the company it is called new product lines.
  • However, after some time it has few more products in its line .

Test marketing is done to find out market response on a mini scale. It can provide a glimpse into whether the envisaged marketing strategy would be effective if the product is launched in the entire market. In test marketing, data are collected on specific outcomes such as customer trial, repurchase, satisfaction, advertising recall, product recognition, dealer response, and dealer satisfaction.

What Is Product Development?

Idea serves as the basic foundation that can be conceptualized in different products. Therefore, an idea needs to be evolved into a detailed statement expressed in consumer terms. Idea is an initial thought; when finished with details an idea becomes a concept. Top Trends in Product Development 2022 Development of new products is not a luxury but a necessity. Firms need a perpetual supply of new products to make up for the ones that decline and fade out. The failure to launch new products and improve the existing ones makes a firm vulnerable to decline.

The launch does not in any way signal the end of the marketing role for the product. To the contrary, after launch the marketer finally has real market data about how the product performs in the wild, outside the test environment. These market data initiate a new cycle of idea generation about improvements and adjustments that can be made to all elements of the marketing mix. The marketing budget and costs are one element of the business analysis, but the full scope of the analysis includes all revenues, costs, and other business impacts of the product.

Product Development meaning

These measurable targets help shape which features, enhancements, and capabilities the product needs to achieve them. Experiments can gauge interest, prioritize marketing channels and messages, and begin testing the waters around price sensitivity and packaging. It also kicks off the feedback loop to bring ideas, complaints, and suggestions into the prioritization process and populate the product backlog. So identifying a problem that needs solving is where this journey should begin. Conversations with potential customers, surveys, and other user research activities can inform this step. In either case, your response during this phase is to fine-tune your messaging, solidify your brand presence and expand into new distribution channels.

Start With A Product Vision

Enhancing the utility of a new product or upgrading features of an existing product, for the personal and/or commercial use, to expand the defined goal . Innovation of a new or an existing product to deliver better and enhanced services to end-users. First let’s understand the meaning of word viz., product and development.

Some products require years and large capital investment to develop and then test their effectiveness. Product management is done differently from one business to the next. It depends on the size of your company, whether you work with software, physical products, or services, and if you’re selling to businesses or consumers. The key to the idea generation stage is to explore possibilities, knowing that most will not result in products that go to market. Customers can choose from a greater range of items as a result of commercialization, while businesses can produce more income, improve efficiency, and cut expenses.

In this step, you evaluate the initial product concept deeper. Conduct concept studies to determine whether it is feasible or not for your company to manufacture the product. But before we go on discussing the importance of product development, let us define what product development means.

Tata Indica was launched as a new product with improvements as Indica Vista. Maruti came out with improvements in WagonR and launched it as Sting Ray. It would be made available through an established chain of electronic stores. The store would be given 2 percent of the market price for display and an additional 8 percent would be their commission per piece. The brand would be promoted primarily through social media and advertising with an estimated budget of Rs.1 crore in the first year. Each of the variants would be manufactured in three colours that will be indicative of their storage capacity and audio quality.

It changes according to customers repeated buying’s and preferences. The lessons of product failure suggest the way and means to be followed for the success of it. If it is less than their expectations, then product and/or programmes can be reworked. A firm may have more than one marketing plans with different permutations and combinations of marketing mix elements. The effectiveness of these alternate plans can also be tested with test marketing.

Standard Stages Of Progress In Product Development

This accounts for the entirety of the process, from the product’s conception to the release and distribution of the product among the masses for consumption. This can be a very time-intensive process that can take years. Product development for a new offering undergoes a system that is demarcated into stages. It then proceeds to several phases like testing, prototyping, planning, and examining. Only then is the product offered up to the target audience.

Additions to the existing product lines – New products that supplement a company’s established product line. In the light of above definition, a new product will be considered anything which is perceived as such by the consumer or with which the firm has no previous experience. It means that a consumer views a product as new if any new thing is experienced or any additional variants are provided with the existing product. Product development is the process of finding out the possibility of producing a product.

It must be understood that results of test marketing are useful only when it simulates actual market conditions. Discrepancies in firm’s marketing efforts or differences of test market with the actual market can lead the company into taking wrong decisions. Therefore, demand for the product must be forecasted taking into consideration likely customer and competitor response. Historical data of similar products can be indicative of likely sales.

Attention upon the risk and contingency reduction plan is also analyzed and channelized in this step. Proper inclusion of technical specifications along with the related communications and requirements are also recorded in this step. Detailed technical logistics are even finalized after discussing it with the suppliers. This roadmap will contain as well as convey the strategies of your product in a precise way. Some solutions may be obvious, while others may be less intuitive.

Set A Pricing Strategy

A variety of new product check lists or evaluation techniques have been drawn up for individual industry or company use. Inevitably, they cover a lot of common ground although, obvi­ously, some questions are considerably more relevant to some companies and products than others. Continuous innovation is adding/removing features in the products to suit changing consumer needs. Improved products are considered new because of their newness. For instance, Maruti launched its cars with new K Series engines that delivered superior fuel efficiency. Consumers keep changing their expectations and the organization needs to give them newer products to take care of new needs.

You can also sign-up for our free resources on product management and product marketing. Today, it is increasingly common for companies to run some small concept test in a real marketing setting. The product concept is a synthesis or a description of a product idea that reflects the core element of the proposed product. Marketing tries to have the most accurate and detailed product concept possible in order to get accurate reactions from target buyers. Those reactions can then be used to inform the final product, the marketing mix, and the business analysis. Product development is not only done when a company launches its first product.

E.g. changing over to plastic molded parts in automobiles has considerably reduced the cost of manufacturing and raw materials. This has also helped reduce the weight of the automobiles, increasing fuel efficiency. Concept testing helps the company to choose the best among the alternative product concepts. Consumers are called upon to offer their comments on the precise written description of the product concept viz., the attributes and expected benefits. For testing purposes, the concepts may be verbally described, expressed through pictures, or developed into a physical form.

Stage 1: Generating New Product Ideas

So, this can be a smaller geographical area in a larger geographical space that the firm can utilize. This would involve a proper marketing campaign and various ways to assess how the product is faring. This includes distributor studies, customer studies, and store audits. However, the marketing strategy and the test of the evaluation of the final product are not part of this step.

This is when various strategies for getting the product to the customers are conceived of while seeing whether it meets customer needs. The product’s concepts must be verified in the early stages. This might involve initiating a small-scale launch before a larger one.

You are creating more employment opportunities for the people in the community and supporting society at large through charity giving and taxation. To grow and sustain their operations, they have to indulge in new product development once in a while, if not too frequently. The research and development they do to develop a product development plan help the business in many other ways. For instance, if you learn about your competitor’s pricing strategies through your research, you can price your product at a slightly lower level to penetrate the market faster.