Last week, one of my best friends quit his job. It was a difficult decision for him, because he loved the job. He had a great relationship with his coworkers and boss. And it paid well.

I congratulated him.

He doesn’t have another job lined up. Nope. And he doesn’t want one either.

He wants more out of life. More than any traditional ‘job’ or ‘career’ can offer.

He’s moving overseas to start an innovative coaching business. He burned the boats, there’s no going back. And he’s never felt so alive.

Another friend started a business a year ago. A few days ago, he told me his revenue goal for this year. $1 Million. He’s on track to reach it.

Yesterday, I worked with two friends with an email to help build their business brand. If all goes as planned, they will make history in the music industry next month, and pioneer a revolutionary new themed EDM show.

A few months ago, I spent a weekend with a few YouTube celebrities. They have big plans to revolutionize YouTube. I think they’ll succeed.

Five minutes ago I saw an array of Facebook statuses complaining about work, relationships, and how life just sucks.

Which world do you live in?

The World of Abundance?

Abundance and Possibility

Where opportunity runs rampant, and adventure permeates your very being? This is the world of the wealthy. The entrepreneurs, world changers, universe denters. Limits turn to barriers, and barriers get shattered. A 9-5 job? That’s as foreign as hieroglyphics in this world.

This is the world of learning. Not schooling, no, that’s bullshit. Self-education. This is the world of millionaires…billionaires. These are the people who unleash their music and make the world a little sweeter with their tune.

This is the world of freedom and endless possibility.

Or Do You Live in the World of Scarcity?

  The World of Scarcity

Where nothing seems to go your way and success is impossible? The world where you ignore your intuition and follow a life path designed purely as a façade to impress others?

Constant television. Reality shows everywhere. Distractions. Bullshit. Average. Mediocre. Unexciting. Mid-life crisis-inducing.

Growth, nonexistent.

These are the people who die with their music still inside them. Their potential unfulfilled. The question “What if?” unanswered.

Unfortunately, more people live in this world than the former.

If you live in the world of scarcity, that’s okay. You can make a shift.

But you need to save yourself.

Freedom is a priceless commodity. The feeling of full responsibility over your life–it’s something most people (especially parents) struggle to understand. The cubicle…the ‘9-5 job’…these are just symbols of a lack of control–a restriction of freedom. Conformity, for the sake of conformity.

Fact is, the only way to do anything great is to create. To take initiative and craft your own reality, instead of relying on circumstances. People crave that freedom, but it’s outside of the realm of what society thinks is possible, so they never go for it. They spend their lives waiting for somebody to swoop in and save them, to give them permission to unleash their passion and live the life they know, deep down, they were born to live. But it never happens.

What they don’t realize is this: they are the hero. They need to save themselves.

So get your cape on and fuck shit up. If something scares you, do it. When you want something, grab it. If it’s mediocre, challenge it. If you want greatness, achieve it.

It’s a strenuous journey. I’m on it now, and I can tell you it’s not easy. It’s a mindfuck at the beginning. But it’s the only journey worth embarking.

You can do anything. People tell you that and it sounds like fluff and bullshit. But it’s true. I see it every day. You can live the lifestyle you wish. Relationships, money, health, knowledge, impact–they are all yours for the taking. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a negative, close-minded asshole. And probably broke.

Let’s switch to the world of abundance and crush it.