“Life after college sucks!”

It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard before.

Twenty-somethings lament about the difficulties of the “real world”—from dating, to career, and everything in between.

And it’s true. Life after college does suck…

…that is, if you neglect to take control and simply let the world happen to you. Then, yes, you’ll probably endure some pretty sucky things. You’ll have a crappy job, an unfulfilling relationship (if you have one at all), and just be terribly average in most areas.

Unfortunately, most guys choose NOT to take control of their dating lives. They assume they’ll stumble into relationships and sex with high quality women…or, even worse, they give up hope altogether and resign to settle. We’ll talk about the reason for this in a minute.

But first, here’s a truth: you can be FAR more successful with women in the “real world” than you ever were in college.

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