There’s something incredibly sexy about a woman who is on her path.

She doesn’t complain about work, or post attention-seeking statuses on social media. She doesn’t have time for that.

She doesn’t mentally masturbate about this week’s biggest reality TV episodes. She doesn’t gossip about people, because she recognizes her own flaws.

And she definitely doesn’t live for the weekend.

Instead, she’s driven, confident, authentic…and beautiful.

She’s intimidating, because she makes me question myself. I see her success and determination, and think, “What am I doing with my life? Am I on my path?”

Her presence motivates me to be more successful. It pushes me forward.

I surround myself with people who inspire me. From successful entrepreneurs, to ambitious world travelers, my friends constantly remind me of life’s amazing possibilities. And my ideal woman does the same.

Perhaps most of all, I can relate to her on a deeper level.

We’re passionate about life. We don’t just talk about adventures, we take them. We milk life for every last drop and bask in it’s awesomeness.

An entrepreneurial-minded woman has the possibility of accomplishing her dreams. Maybe she’s already living her dream. But she definitely hasn’t settled for ‘average’ for the sake of conformity.

Whether she runs a business, or plays an integral part in something she’s passionate about, she strides towards her goals.

And I fucking love it.

It takes A LOT for me to fall for a woman. And I don’t foresee a serious relationship in the near future. But this is the type of women I want to spend time with.

I’ve met a few women like this. And if you’re reading this, you know who you are. We probably had an amazing connection.

I’ve been lucky enough to come across many girls. Most of them just sort of blend in. It’s fun while it lasts, but I forget about them.

But the entrepreneurial-minded women–the women on their path–these are the women that spark something in me. When I look back at a girl like this, I think “Wow. She was a badass. She was fucking amazing.”

She’s hard to find. Then again, maybe I’m not looking in the right places. But this woman, for me, is always unforgettable.

And when I tell her about crazy adventures, like how I’m moving to Vietnam, she doesn’t tell me how she thinks it’s dangerous and crazy. Instead, she says, “Fuck yeah! That’s awesome!”

If I get married one day (and it’s a LONG way off), it will be to this type of woman. This is the only kind of woman I’d want raising my kids… the only type I’d spent my life with.

So to all you entrepreneurial women on your path, keep doing your thing. It’s amazing.